According to the Louisiana Revised Statutes, upon written requests via USPS certified mail, the oil & gas companies are required to send sworn statement production cost statements to the unleased mineral landowners every three quarters.  

The last quarterly statement that I have received was in June, 2017!

At least one of the Wells has paid out.  I just find this whole ordeal to be quite interesting, to say the least.

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R.S. 30:103.1

R.S. 30:103.2

After receiving written requests by USPS certified mail, the Oil & Gas Company has yet to send the requested missing Quarterly Reports to me. 

It is now going on two (2) years that I have asked for them to send the missing Quarterly Reports to me.

LN --

   I agree with several previous postings to this thread. Hire a good Louisiana oil. & gas lawyer.  I have had excellent results with 

Mr. Summers, who is with:


               509 Market Street, Suite 1000

              Shreveport, LA   71101

                Ph: 318-424-4342 / Fax: 318-226-0168

    He negotiated all my leases, which have survived Chesapeake, and other corporations.

  A letter from a lawyer is more likely to elicit a response than one from just a mineral owner.  The cost is probably much less than you expect.

I hope I have not broke any of the forum rules by posting the contact information. I have no relationship with the firm cited, other than as a satisfied customer.

     Good luck LN.

After sending the Oil & Gas Company several letters via USPS certified mail requesting the "missing" Quarterly Reports, as of yet, the "missing" Quarterly Reports have not been sent to all.  The last "missing" Quarterly Report request letter that  I sent to them was dated January 8, 2018.  The Oil & Gas Company picked up this "missing" Quarterly Report request letter from the USPS on January 16, 2018. 

The "missing" Quarterly Reports that I have repeatedly requested to receive from them are for the following:

(Initial Well)

Dec, 2015

(Alternate Well #1)

Jan, Feb, Mar, 2016

Apr, May, Jun, 2016

Jul, Aug, Sept, 2016

(Alternate Well #2)

Jan, Feb, Mar, 2016

Apr, May, Jun, 2016

Jul, Aug, Sep, 2016

Dec, 2016

As of today, February 1, 2018, the Oil & Gas Company have not sent to me any of the requested "missing" Quarterly Reports by:

USPS Certified mail

USPS mail


Scanned mail



Text message or,

Phone call

However, interesting enough, this Oil & Gas Company did send some type of invoice (bill) to me, via USPS certified mail.  There was no letter of explanation attached to the invoice.  The invoice was dated November, 2017.  Why did they not enclose all of the "missing" Quarterly Reports in the envelope?

Since the Oil & Gas Company have not sent to me the "missing" Quarterly Reports that I have repeatedly requested from them, how were they able to easily send to me an invoice. Also, without the "missing" Quarterly Reports that should have been sent to me, how am I able to determine that their calculations for this November, 2017 invoice is correct or incorrect?

To be perfectly clear, not only has the Oil & Gas Company not sent the "missing" Quarterly Reports that I have repeatedly requested that they send to me,  but the last Quarterly Reports that I have received from them were the Quarterly Reports for Jul, Aug, Sept, 2017.

My family and I not only visit the USPS daily but, sometimes we visit twice a day looking to see if the Oil & Gas Company have sent these "missing" Quarterly Reports to me.

Again, as of February 1, 2018...I am still waiting for these "missing" Quarterly Reports.

Better take Martin's advice. Hire a good O&G attorney and let him turn the dogs loose on the "company". Good luck!

Having returned from the post office, I discovered that the Oil & Gas Company mailed an envelope to me first class.  Inside of the envelope was a seven page Invoice stating that I owe money to them.  However, none of the missing Quarterly Reports were included. So, as of February 5, 2018, I am still waiting for the "missing" Quarterly Reports.

Even though Sonris shows that there is natural gas production from these Wells, the Oil & Gas Company will not send the Quarterly Reports to me.  

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Well after 2 years of waiting, the Oil & Gas Co. finally sent the "missing" Quarterly Reports for the Alternate Wells that they were required to send to me.  Their Oil & Gas Attorney sent them to me via USPS certified mail.

However, the Oil & Gas Co. only sent the "missing" Quarterly Reports for 2016.  Again, I have been waiting for the Oil & Gas Co. to send these Reports to me for over 2 years. 

The January, 2016 Quarterly Reports have a creation date of February 6, 2018.

                                                                  2016 - 2018 = 2 years

The Louisiana Legislature requires that the Oil & Gas Company must send Quarterly Reports to any owner who requests for them to do so.  These Quarterly Reports are to be sent to the owner via USPS certified mail every quarter, not every one or two years.

Oddly enough, though I have repeatedly asked the Oil & Gas Company to send all of the "missing" Quarterly Reports for 2017, I have yet to receive them.

Finally, the "missing" Quarterly Reports that I finally received are dated from:

                                                       January, 2016 thru December, 2016

All of the 2016 Quarterly Report Sworn Statements were signed, notarized, and dated February 6, 2018.

Accordingly, RS 30:103 among other Statutes have been violated.

On today, February 12, 2018, I finally received the "missing" December, 2015 Quarterly Report.  I have repeatedly asked the Oil & Gas Co. to send this information to me too.  How odd it is for a Quarterly Report that is dated December, 2015 to have a Sworn Statement that has been signed, notarized, and dated February 6, 2018.  This December, 2015 Quarterly Report was also created on February 6, 2018.

I am sure that I will be posting more of my concerns very soon, so until then...have a blessed night folks!

Landowners, please read very carefully and keep copies of all correspondence that is made between you and the Oil & Gas Company.

(You will not regret it).

Have a great day!

Since the Oil & Gas Company seems to be send sending the "missing" Quarterly Reports to me every 2 years, I guess they will send the other "missing" 2017 Quarterly Reports to me in 2019.

Oh well, though the envelope included the 2016 Quarterly Reports that were created in 218, at least for now, they did not send an Invoice to me, LOL. 

It will be interesting to discover what is happening to all of the huge sums of money that the Oil & Gas Company is making off of these 3 Wells, especially from the Well that has Paid Out.

To those of you who have contacted me expressing your gratitude in regards to my GHS posts, I am more than happy to to continue to provide any and as much help to you all that I can!  

Enjoy your evening folks!

Thanks for reading my February 13, 2018 post...but please ignore the grammatical errors because I was extremely tired.

Though I cannot post everything regarding this Oil & Gas matter, I will continue to share as much information as I can.

Keep pressing folks!



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