According to the Louisiana Revised Statutes, upon written requests via USPS certified mail, the oil & gas companies are required to send sworn statement production cost statements to the unleased mineral landowners every three quarters.  

The last quarterly statement that I have received was in June, 2017!

At least one of the Wells has paid out.  I just find this whole ordeal to be quite interesting, to say the least.

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Replies to This Discussion speaks the truth regarding the initial gas production.  Check out the initial gas production on

***I forgot to mention another Court Case that you should make yourself very familiar is the Court Case of 

Tyler Eugene Adams, Jr.

The UMI Basics is a wealth of information that the UMO will find to be extremely valuable!

The following is an excerpt from court cases that you should read:

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read these court cases very slowly and thoroughly:

Hunt v. Batchelor 

Taylor v. David New Operating

Amoco v. Thompson

Nunez v. Wainoco

Ohio Oil v. Indiana

Hunter v. McHugh

Zink v. Chevron

Desmormeaux v. Inexco

King v. Strohe

Rivers v. Sun Oil Co.

Taylor v. Woodpecker

LLC v. OXY Energy, Inc.

Caldwell Lands v. Cedyco Corp.

     Be sure to save these cases on your hard-drive for your own records and send copies to family members via email and/or scan.


You must also know the following Louisiana Laws

Revised Statutes:

R.S. 30:9, 30:9.1, 30:9.2, 30:10, 30:103, 30:103.1, 30:103.2, 30:104, 31:34, 31:149, 31:212.23, 41:1702.  There are more R.S. Statutes that UMO's should know which I will post later.

Just sent another certified letter to the Oil & Gas Company. This letter is dated December 19, 2017 and was received by the USPS @ 5:05 p.m.

I am requesting the first nine months of production for the two (2) Alternate Wells and missing information from an incomplete sworn/quarterly statement for the initial Well. 

These Wells started production the beginning of this year.  It's going on another year but the Oil & Gas Company still has not sent the first nine (9) months of production...which is required by the Louisiana Mineral Code Law.

Does anyone know why some of the Oil & Gas Co.'s tracking numbers that they've used for their certified mail that is sent to me is not listed on the USPS tracking system? I have showed my identification, signed for and retrieved from the USPS the Oil & Gas Co.'s certified letters/packages, but quite a few of these items are not listed on the USPS  tracking system? And why there is hardly ever a signature on the USPS signature card when the Oil & Gas Co. sends the Domestic Return Receipt "green card" back to me?

There is another item that should be read, understood, and memorized:

"The code states that if the operator sells production, he must pay the UMI his share within 180 days."

Please also pay close attention to the Mineral Code Law 30:10 regarding deductions are so much more pertinent information.

Skip, that you a thousand times for sharing the UMI Basics with us.  It makes dealing with the Operators so very, very clear!

Also, it is imperative that you keep a detailed paper trail of all dialogue that's occurred between you and the Oil & Gas Co. This is extremely beneficial to you just in case they forget that they have not sent you the requested information in the time frame legally granted to them, but eventually they do send it to you, outside of the time frame legally extended to them with the following letter attached which says:

Here again are the Quarterly Reports that you have requested.  We have sent these Reports to you before but we are sending them to you again...(I'm not saying that this scenario actually happened or not).

Much obliged for answering my tracking question. And thank all of you for corresponding with me through my personal email!

Thanks again for my answer. 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Oops, should read: 

Please pay close attention to the Mineral Code Law 30:10 regarding deductions.  This Mineral Code Law which has so much pertinent information for the UMI will benefit us greatly.

A previous post should read: 

Skip, thank you a thousand times...Goodness, gracious, I must start proof reading my posts, lol.  

You're welcome, LN.

Well, No response from the Oil & Gas Co. to me regarding the missing quarterly reports via text, email, fax, scan, or certified letter.

I'll be back after the Holidays.

Merry Christmas Everyone to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, LN.

The Oil & Gas Co. will not send the missing Quarterly Reports that I have requested from them since January 27, 2017

However, on today, January 8, 2018, they did send an Invoice stating that, according their records...I owe them a sum of money. 

As you all know, it is required by the Louisiana State Legislature that the Oil & Gas Co. send these Reports to the Lessor each quarter.  These Reports must also be complete with no missing information.  Since I am not able to refer to the missing Quarterly Reports that I am still waiting to receive, I have no way of knowing if their calculations are correct or not.

On another note, I hope that you all were blessed with a Merry Christmas!

As mentioned previously, the Oil & Gas Co. sent an Invoice to me dated November, 2017. I received this from the USPS on January 8, 2018.  However, they did not send the Quarterly Reports for:

Oct  2017

Nov 2017

Dec  2017

I am still waiting for them to send these Quarterly Reports to me, as well as the other missing Quarterly Reports that I have requested from them ... for over one (1) year.  There are three Wells involved...the Initial Well and two Alternate Wells.


Another certified letter was sent to the Oil & Gas Co. requesting that they send the Oct, Nov, and Dec 2017 Quarterly Reports to me and also the Quarterly Reports for the first months of production for the two Alternate Wells.  (Please read the previous post dated January 10, 2018 at 8:50am).

All of my letters sent to the Oil & Gas Co. via USPS certified mail have been retrieved by them.  I always send an email message to the Oil & Gas Co., via my email address, thanking them for picking up my letters.  According to Louisiana Law, the Oil & Gas Co. has a set amount of time to send the Quarterly Reports to me.  They also have a set amount of time to answer all of my concerns regarding the Quarterly/Production Reports...without there being consequences for the Oil & Gas Co. not responding to the Owner.

As of today, January 17, 2018, I have not received a phone call, text message, email message, fax machine, certified letter, or any other form of communication regarding this issue.

If anyone has experienced this before, please send me a message at my personal email address:




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