We are under discussions for a pipeline in Red River parish.  The prints are titled "VIne North Project Expansion, Desoto Parish". It is being done by Enable Midstream and is a 20" pipe.  I think it may be connecting to the new North-South pipeline they are constructing. 

My question is the pipeline ends in S 19, T 12N, R 10W in the middle of a field.  There are two small feeder lines nearby but nothing else.  Anyone have any idea what they are going to do with this?

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Chesapeake, which acquired all the Vine assets, has a good many operated Haynesville units in that area that are lightly developed meaning there is room for a lot more wells than exist presently.  I'm not much of a mid-stream guys but this looks to me like the beginnings of a gathering system expansion to provide take away capacity for new production.  The 20' pipeline you mention would appear to me to be the connection to a number of smaller gathering lines that have yet to be built.

Makes sense.  The two feeder lines look like 12" lines.  One goes due north the other north west into 12N 11W.  Both have a MLV at this location. If they reverse the flows, that would fill a 20" line if you account for friction loss on the 12" lines.  Any thoughts on drilling Bossier Shale in this area?

12N-10W absolutely has economic Bossier shale reserves.  To date there have been alternate well applications listing Bossier wells for Sections 1, 2, 12, 18 & 33.

Hello Skip Hope all is well with you and your family .

Skip how does section 19. 14 n. 14 w. de soto parish look in that area for the bossier shale?

What percentage of the bossier shale look and other shales in those areas. would you mind taking a bit of a look in the section 19. is it like 50 60  less or more percent in our section .

It would be greatly appreciated on any information that you recognize on the subject.

You and the other fellow seem to be the go to guys on oil and gas info in De soto parish.

Could you also send me a link or something on how to donate a little bit to the gratitude funds account or whatever way you all do that process LoL.

Thanks again for any and all info you guys can provide my wife and family.

if it’s easier to email information then here  is my email kwbird4750@gmail.com

Take Care and thank you guys very much

Kenneth Bird

Kenneth, donations to GoHaynesvilleShale.com are always appreciated.  I'll post a link below that you can use to donate.

I keep a running list of the well applications that list Bossier wells.  It is not wholly comprehensive since some early Mid-Bossier wells were not labeled as such.  Since the Haynesville Shale units have depth definitions that include the Bossier, the only time an operator must label a well slot as Bossier is when applying for a group of wells that include both Haynesville and Bossier horizontal laterals.  Although there are contour maps that delineate the Bossier portion of the shale fairway, they are hardly definitive.  So far the most northerly of the Bossier wells on my list is Sections 9, 16 & 21 in 14N-9W.  This is roughly in agreement with the contour maps as the Bossier extends further north on the east side of the fairway.  14N-14W appears to be a little too far north on that more westerly edge of the fairway.  We will continue to see more Bossier wells in alternate well applications as time goes on so feel free to check back in the future.  Good luck.  Skip



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