Our family was contacted by Chesapeake requesting a W-9 for potential new wells.  Not having any leases with them I requested a plat map which showed a small amount ( about 1 acre) in the stated section.  Upon further review I discovered that two vertical wells had been drilled about 10 years ago in that section by Justiss Oil.  A review of their plat omitted the area we own.

The Justiss well is #236129 -- CV-RA-SU128. My question is for this type of well do they do a whole section like a Hansville well or is it a smaller area like the vertical oil wells? If it is the whole section how do I go about and get paid since there is no contract and never had been any correspondence with them?

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yes - thanks, Skip - I reviewed that thread a few weeks ago and it's quite helpful.  There are some serious problems evolving from these delinquent survey filings, creating some unnecessary derision between operators and mineral owners.  I look forward to hearing from you and/or others as to experiences with "underpayments" and "recoupment of overpayments" by operators as a result of extremely delinquent survey work - all the more reason there is a statue rule requiring filing within 90 days after production commences.  In our case, we've seen 3-6 year delinquencies. 

Rankin, suggest that you use the contact information in that prior discussion to request the unit surveys for your mineral interests.  At the rate things are currently going at the Office of Conservation, it could take three years to get these delinquencies corrected.  If the wheel doesn't squeak loudly, it won't get any grease.  I need all GHS members to request that their units get priority for new, accurate unit surveys.  And then they need to review the unit plats and determine whether they have been paid correctly.

most of ours have been remedied, but they were 3-6 years delinquent....with no notice when finally filed. 

Sorry about that. I thought it was in the original post. It is 009-14N-12W-desoto and 016-14N-12W desoto.



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