There is a person(s) living on our family property.  Is there such a thing as a squatter's law that would allow them to gain part ownership on the land if they live there for a certain amount of time?

A relative died and left no will.  Is a death certificate needed in order to complete a Judgment Of Possession for her property and also to complete an Affidavit of Heirship?

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The references to various statutes in this thread are a great example of the kind of education this site is designed to foster. However, I want to reiterate Mr. Minton's warning that this is a matter to be handled by an attorney. When it comes to matters of possession and prescription, Louisiana law can be delicate and unforgiving. Inadvertent missteps that are easily made can cost you later on in the process. This site is a great place to get referrals if you ever need a property attorney for this kind of matter.

Andrew----Well Said--- Members can voice some what general  information  and personal experience in similar situations but that is all it is "just general info"that gives people a head start on what they need to think about. The other members can just read along for some free education and just understand the info you read may not be correct  --- in the end they must have attorney for this kind of matter. Topics for  discussion  Posting on this site is for education, enjoyment,  and NOT LEGAL ADVICE. JUST IMO  


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