Anyone having problems with the new format for Range Resources emailed working and royalty interests statements and invoices? You now have to pay $14 to purchase an excel file for your data. Can't seem to find the sales statement in what they sent.

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Just to be clear, drillbit, you have to pay $14 for each statement?  Thanks for posting this.

Yes, that is the way I interpret the information I was provided by EnergyLink by Red Dog Systems. Apparently, RR has adopted the EnergyLink system for reporting to working and royalty interest owners.  As sophisticated as this system may be, I have been unable to realize the detail I need that was formerly provided on the old RR "Sales Statement". Perhaps, if I pay $14, this information will be available to me.  If this is the case, why should I have to pay to get it?

You shouldn't.  Can you confirm with the company that the charge will be for each monthly royalty statement?

I sent an inquiry to EnergyLink asking "Is the $14 charge for an excel file applicable for each month's statement? I do not use excel. Can I have a file for LibreOffice Calc?".

EnergyLink responded "That’s correct the excel file is for each month. Unfortunately we do not have a format for the LibreOffice so the generic excel report is the best we can do."

Wonder if Range Resources knows EnergyLink is doing this?

We are having issues too more so how they explain where the charges coming from for the quarterly deductions for their letter they sent in Aug about the changes in the excess payments vs under producing etc. We are trying to get up enough information and we are going to send a certified letter to range demanding them to explain. Doesn't make sense to go from having little amount of payments to over 1200 owing even with low prices!

Colleen, if you need a referral for some legal assistance, please let me know.

A lot of the big companies use Energy Link to send detail. You can access the detail for free. I have over 45 statements per month that come from Energy Link. I never pay for the detail. I print them out every month.

Thanks, Larry.  Welcome to GHS.  Since you have no trouble with Energy Link, drillbit's statement problem may be limited to the lack of MS Excel on his computer.

Thank you for your reply Larry. We are individuals, not a big company, but I don't know why our royalty and working interest data needs would be much different from other responsible entities' needs.  Range looked for a way for us to get the data we need in .pdf form for free from Energy Link...apparently they were unsuccessful as they have now set us up to get our reports directly from Range. Problem solved.  We are happy.

Thanks, drillbit.  Good to hear you have a solution.

Skip, thanks for the welcome. You have been giving good advice and commentary on this site for a long time. Drillbit, glad that Range was able to get your problem resolved. I know that things like that can be frustrating.



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