I just recieved notice from BP thanking me for one of ideas I submitted for control of well. They informed me that they were ALREADY considering what I suggested. Cause to wonder? Now I will wait to learn if they implement it. Perhaps I was day late and $ short. I have couple of ideas pending review. Anyone else with similar experience?

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Mr. Sanders, this is my opinion, BP knows what to do to stop the flow. They just don't want to damage a monster well. This may lead to their demise. That device that they used to cut the pipe could have been used to pinch or clamp the pipe shut. Something is going on and it is going on at high levels of BP and Government, and that is not the Louisiana Government that I am talking about.
That is ridiculous, TD,P
Two Dogs,

I think you are right on the bullseye of the target. I am glad to see that you exempted LA government, and correctly so. Oftentimes we may be using term government all inclusively. I know some very good politicians and some plain bad ones. Let me give you a couple of examples.

After more than a month of frustration over getting my solutions looked at I happened to think about a couple of LA state representatives I know. As a resident of AZ I am not a constituent of either. I decided to call Hon. Jean Doerge and Hon. Henry Lee Burns a couple of days ago. The legislature was in session. Both of these individuals returned my calls promptly. Mrs. Doerge called me from the floor during a session. Several years back she had assisted me in getting some changes made at Office of Conservation.

I have known Henry since he was a baby as we both lived in Shongaloo and went to same church. I know that Henry must represent many of you in Bossier Parish. In my opinion you are in good hands. Because of past experience I know those in Webster Parish are also in very good hands.

Both Rep. Doerge and Rep. Burns showed interest in helping me. They made suggestions and gave me names and numbers for persons for me to contact. And I only called them on wed. of this week. I applaud both of them for the service to their constuency.
That's an interesting thought, regarding the clamping of the pipe. I'd like to hear second opinions on the feasibility of that.
It certainly seems logical and reasonable to me to crimp pipe. They should have at least tried this before cutting pipe off so close to well head. I can think of no downside to trying. I don't think they could have cut off all flow, but might have reduced it to a trickle.
Or perhaps at least bent a kink in the pipe. Seems to work pretty good for my blasted garden hose when I don't want it to happen...
Are you sure this was not a standard response to appease whomevver submits an idea?

Perhaps, but I will be observing very carefully to see if they do use my idea. It is a method to control and captureO&G which escapes at well head. If they show pictures I will be able to tell. I submitted 3 separate proposals so I will be very anxious to see if they respond to other 2.

Maybe one day soon, we can call you the Jonas Salk of the Gulf.
WOW! What a challenge you present. But I would expect that from you!

I am certain that my response was canned. The notice began: "Dear ,". Nowhere did my name appear, just my email address. Neither did they make reference to identify which suggestion. I just assumed that it was in regard to the suggestion I mentioned last night, but do not know that to be factual. May be one of the others I sent. It is of interest to note that respose only came after I had complained to other contacts provided by Representatives Doerge and Burns.
Thanks Aubrey for taking the time, and the effort, for not only coming up with these ideas, but taking the time to present them to BP. You got a good heart buddy.


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