Has anyone received any Division Orders or have any updates on Aethon's Sacagawea wells in San Augustine. I saw that they wells were completed in June, but I have yet to see it on my check stubs or received any Division Orders for it. 

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The Sacagewea Unit consisted of the Whitton Unit plus some additional acreage that did not lie within a unit. They additionally have drilled the Sacagewea-Lasalle and Sacagewea-Lasalle-Meir allocation wells.

Thanks Andy, I think that answers the question.  You may be able to confirm by checking your eight digit decimal fractions comparing the original unit well to the allocation wells.

Yup, when I looked them up on the RRC, I saw that they incorporated our Whitton Well as part of the Sacagawea acreage. 

Thanks, Julie.

Something I think we will consider on additional leases being signed is that we will have language in it spelling out that a DO must be sent on any new wells.

Good idea for future lease term negotiations.

Never thought that would have been the case but guess there is a "new normal"

I'm not as familiar with TX pooling regulations as I am with LA.  What I'm wondering here is if all the wells that an operator doesn't send a DO for are allocation wells, then the decimal interest as stated in a DO would not change.  What would change is the percentage of production allocated to each unit.  If your decimal interest in a unit was 0.0030000 and 50% of the perforated interval of an allocation well was producing from your unit, you decimal interest for that well would be 0.00150000.  I suspect that is the reason that an operator would not provide a DO for each allocation well.  The adjusted decimal interest for the well would be on your revenue statement.  Here in LA, operators provide the state with  a "perf letter) that reports the percentage of HC (Horizontal Cross) wells that lie in each penetrated unit.  It is accessible in the database.

Well my problem here is that Aethon is saying we are not in the Sacagewea pay decks, but yet we are being paid on the Whitton Unit. The tracts within the Sacagewea plat is the exact same as the Whitton plat. I see exactly where our tract lies within both. Something is screwy here…

Yes, seems so.  Different question than that of the decimal interest/Division Order question.  Once again this seems like a question for Julie.  No one in my business orbit knows the regs and the RRC databse as well as jffree1.

Totally agree... in our Electronic Age, it shouldn't be that much of a problem or cost to provide us with a DO

The Sacagawea are all new Drills close to our Whitton and Wilkinson Wells on same Survey, but not same Pads... that's why I was surprised we didn't receive a DO. 


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