Has anyone received any Division Orders or have any updates on Aethon's Sacagawea wells in San Augustine. I saw that they wells were completed in June, but I have yet to see it on my check stubs or received any Division Orders for it. 

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I have never received a Division Order as of yet, however Aethon Deposited Monies into my Bank Account and listed on Energylink for these Wells on October 27th... I commented about it on our San Augustine Group when it happened, because it was a surprise deposit. 

I too received money in Oct, but no D/O. As of yet no numbers for Sept production

Anyone getting any DO's from Aethon yet? Seeing more Permits popping up on RRC on our holdings, but no DO's on any of them. 

Just wondering out loud again and hoping to see more action out there! 

Have you tried sending Aethon a message on EnergyLink.com?

Skip, that is why I love GoHaynesvilleShale Forum... I didn't know we could message them on EnergyLink... thank you! 

You're welcome.  There is an option to message your operator.  A box, upper right that is labeled, Contact Operator.  As more operators move to EnergyLink, I think this is becoming the easiest means to communicate with them.  I have not used it as it is for mineral lessors and working interests owners.  I have coached my clients to use it and it is especially useful for me to be able to access their monthly reports.

Bill, I think we'd all like to hear how your attempt to communicate with Aethon by way of EnergyLink turns out.

Skip - Nothing as of yet, but figure due to the Holiday, however will let you know.  

Yeah, I wouldn't expect a prompt reply.  Maybe sometime next week.

Skip - Received a reply from Aethon that states they don't  send DO's unless requested by Owner... and they will send me one as soon as their DOA returns from vacation. I did receive another Deposit for the Sacagawea Wells today. 

That is weird - I thought DO had to be sent to all royalty owners.

How else can someone find out if their percentages are correct?

Rock Man - Yeah, this is a first for me, need to request a copy of the DO...  

Wonder if they still need to ask to lease or do we need to ask about that too?  LOL


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