I use to have a lease with Samson and my father took care of it up until he passed away. I called Samson and had everything switched over between my sister and I and his grandchildren after he passed. Since then the lease has expired and have heard nothing from them, and long lost the the name and number of the landman there, was Keith something. Should I call and pursue them for a new lease or contact another company with better chances of drilling? I'm in the far north western tip of Nacogdoches in the Sacul-Cushing area. Should I demand 1/4 or is 1/5 more the norms these days? How much per acre should I expect for just a lease? While we were with Samson another gas company laid a pipe line literally along the outside of our family fence line, I know I (or my father that is) missed an opportunity there. My place is at  31°47'27.30"N  94°52'57.68"W if that helps with which company I should go with.

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Keith, your chances of getting responses from the members most likely to be of help would be better if you post your questions in the Nacogdoches County Group.  Here is a link to the group page. 


Keith -  agree with Skips suggestion of try the county group.  That said, you appear to be too far west for the Haynesville shale as currently understood.  I'd have to look at maps, but the area is probably prospective for several other formations.  

Not sure of any active leasing in your area, but the general recommendation will be to let the company come to you to get the best deal.  

Keith--- something wrong on your coordinates for they are not in NW part of county in Cushing but in the SE part in the Platt/Etoile North area which EOG has several good shale wells just to South of that area. What Survey are your minerals located in? How many net mineral acres your family have? Do you also own surface?

Try it again, 'dubu. It came up 2.9 miles SW of Cushing when I put it in Google Earth.

jffree1--- very odd if put in 31.47 27 30 N 94.52 57 68 W will get SE Nacgodoches near Etoile/Platt area if put in search 3147.2730N 9452.5768W will get as you said SW Cushing---

If someone wants to lease you they will call you.

Keith - I would call Samson in Liberty Texas and speak to someone in their production and or exploration department.



let me know if I can help


Mickey Marks



Its just a decimal degree vs degrees minutes second issue. I think the RRC viewer is only decimal degrees, while google earth can handle either.

That is correct : ) RRC GIS map flips out if you put in coordinates instead of decimal equivalent.

Ok-- which is correct way to put them in ?

You have to convert the coordinates to decimal. There are several free programs available but this one works just fine. Very simple... just type in the coordinates, convert & then use the number with decimal on RRC.

jffree1-- Thanks I just need a book for "Dummies on how to look up coordinates on map"


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