My 13 year old daughter is going to do a school science fair project on Haynesville Shale. Any ideas???

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When I was in high school Ms Needham called me to the front of the class and doused my arm with carbon tetracloride and set it on fire, burnt all the hair off my arm but didn't burn me, stunk to high heaven, but no one puked.
You saw Dorcheated with Jethro Tull. I had him pictured with Jethro Bodine. (just kidding Dorcheated).
You can bungle in the jungle, its all right with me.
thanks to everyone that has replied!! i'm surprised so many would even care!! thanks again, Lauren's mom
Otis, thank you for writing you last sentece. I don't want to read all of that and I sure don't want my daughter to. Some people have nothing better to do.
We are trying to come up with a catchy title now. I think after that everything will fall into place. Thanks so much for you help!!! Erica and Lauren
thanks to all of you that tried to help. i am ending this discussion. i can't take anymore of this non-sense on here. otis, you know how to get in touch with me as i do you. thanks for your help.


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