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Uh oh, I thought we had casual Mondays!
I wanna know what was up with all of those men in their underwear commercials. And what about that lame half time show? I was waiting for the Who to leave the stage by hoverround! They are now a little long in the teeth (dentures) and can't sing. I think I could smell the Ben Gay from where I was sitting!!
That stage/lighting thingy was sure cool.

Regarding "Casual Fridays", that frightens me...a just a wee bit.
How come we couldn't have commercials like this when I was 12?
Pretty funny.

I thought that Audi's "Green Police" (with the reworking of the old Cheap Trick classic" was a pretty good spot as well...
Oh, lordy! I'm laughing so hard I can't type!
"Oh, lordy! I'm laughing so hard I can't type!"


But, you do have clothes on, right? :)
I guess I better go buy some new tighty whities.
It's gonna be hard to type with my eyes shut...
NO! Bird Dawg, you're scaring me.


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