Is anyone else having a problem with the site loading slowly due to an avalanche of pop up ads?

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Not just now Skip but often times I do get an ad for 1 product whose name escapes me now.

ETA after leaving this thread an ad for coupons popped up which I had to close before proceeding to the main disc. page, what I mentioned above.

I have my computer set up to block pop up adds but it does seem slow opening the site and has for a couple of days.

The discussions on the main page has been blank on my computer for a few days.  I have adblock plus but I turned it off and it does not make a difference (did get a few adds but discussions are missing).  I had to click on the panel on the left side to get to this.  - using a Macbook pro version 11.4.  Same problem with Firefox or Chrome.

When/where do the pop up ads appear?

Same here Skip but after your post I went to all discussions & got a Nine Energy Services ad.

Just a skinny ad / banner at the bottom of the page / doesn't cover up anything 


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