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Its called the city of shreveport.
Ronny. The Baron is correct. And sesport is just messing with us as this is a favorite topic called the Donut Hole. Densely developed urban, suburban and exurban tracts that are difficult and expensive to develop. And no bargain at the current NG prices and sorry economics.
I just can't figure this section stuff out..we are in Zwolle S19T08R12.. I know they are coming this way, do u have any info..Thanks
Deepwater. You are on the far southern edge of the HS Play as it is currently defined. I suggest that you join the Sabine Parish Group and spend a little time learning how to navigate the SONRIS database. SWEPI has HA unit orders for Sections 1-12, 17 & 18 in your township. There are no HA wells permitted in your township. Patience.
Thanks alot for your info...I'm not in a hurry for drilling to get here, already leased land last year for good price..just trying to learn how to navigate maps..heard from good source they were coming this way later on..again thanks, you do a great job of informing us
Thanks Skip, extremely helpful.
Your welcome, Gatorguy. Some members may be disappointed that leasing and drilling is moving slowly but I think it is the good opportunity to do your homework and become a more informed mineral owner. Good Luck.
Agree, we leased just over a year ago at the peak of the lease bonuses. We are very pleased w/ the bonus but just curious when drilling will begin. Out lease is for 3 years and now 1 year is already expired.
Mr. Peel, Any news on the 960 acre units that were formed Sec. 17& 18 of T16N R16
Ms. SueBaby. Nothing in that unit but Chesapeake is drilling in 8 sections in 16N - 16W. Chesapeake's decision to drill will probably be based on the remaining term of the section leases. I have lived here most of my life and not heard of Lakeland Farm Lake.

Love these updates. A picture may be worth ten thousand words in this case.
Or a picture (township grid) may be worth ten thousand (or more) dollars in Gatorguy's case. Thanks, Dion.



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