I was recently compensated by a pipeline company for a right-of-way through my land.  Near the end of the deal my payment was delayed because they found out I actually owned the land to the middle of the road because the county never paid for it. Now it is my understanding that if the Pipeline company had to pay me for the rods to the middle of the road, the Producer(?) of the minerals should pay me royalties on that acreage as well, correct?

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Post your state.  Laws vary.  Did you request a copy of whatever instrument supposedly evidences your title to the land/minerals under the road?  You're asking a lot of questions while giving insufficient detail for anyone to give you a reasoned response.  Hear say don't count.  You have to have proof of ownership through conveyance records recorded in the public record.

He's in Texas, Skip. In the XTO Keydets Unit in San Augustine County.

That's very common in Texas, I'd say, He needs a copy of the deed which conveyed road right of way to the county. I don't know about the "never paid for it" part, though. What I suspect is that it was a surface only ROW. That is pretty common and I would think that XTO knows that and has already taken it into account in calculating his decimal interest. It couldn't hurt, however, to ask them about it.

Thanks, Julie.  Good answer.  However I would point out that members not familiar with Mister Sunday, as you are, wouldn't know his state or unit.  If this was posted in the San Augustine County Group, the state at least would be a known.  The state is unknowable when the discussion question is posted in Shale Related Topics without that detail.  Your answer could very well be of value to other Texas members but if they don't see this discussion before it rotates down and off the Main Page, they will miss it.  That doesn't happen when a new discussion is posted to a Group Page.  When that happens all the group members get a notice email.  It's not a big deal but it makes the website function more efficiently for the benefit of the members.

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