SONRIS: How to search for individual cross unit lateral well production

The SONRIS staff is always improving the database.  Kudos to them.  The latest improvement allows for a search of monthly production for individual cross unit lateral wells.  Traditionally production of all unitized wells was reported as the unit total.  There was no way to see the monthly production volume for a single well.  Now these are long lateral HC wells so although you can see the monthly production for the well, you have to search for and apply the percentage of the production that is attributable to each unit/section.  A previous database improvement, linking the well serial number in blue in the Data well file, now allows a quick connection to the Document portion of the database which will include a report that stipulates how much of a well's production is allocated to each unit that it bisects. 

To get individual well production by month for Cross Unit Lateral Wells, go to the SONRIS Data Portal > Production Audit > Cross Unit Well Production (the first search option, top of list).  You will need to enter a well serial number and the date for the month or months of production you wish to see.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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This is great. Thanks for the information.  Is there a similar way to get the same thing for non cross unit well production?

No.  That would be a much bigger project with less current interest.  The number of cross unit lateral wells is quite small comparatively speaking.

Are you saying that you are now able to view individual cross unit lateral well production regardless of the number of wells or cross unit wells in the unit? If so, that's a nice improvement.

Texas is awesome in that you can view production for every gas well (cross unit or otherwise). Sure is much better to monitor production and infill well improvement (or degradation) versus having all of the unit wells combined into one number.

The database search is based on well serial number, so yes, individual HC wells.

full name,  you might try taking the unit production for your unit and then searching for monthly cross unit lateral production for each HC unit well.  By totaling those up and subtracting from the unit production for a month, you could get to the monthly production volume for unit H wells.  Of course some units have a single original unit well which would give an accurate production figure.  If your unit has more H wells than the original unit well, you would still have a cumulative production total for however many of those H wells existed.  Not as easy but for those with only the original unit well, it should work.

Thanks for the suggestion Skip.  I have done that in the past as the need arises.  My issue now is with joint ownership wells.  Since Vine and GEP were sold I am being shorted on some (not all) wells in some sections.  It is easy to tell as the severance tax has always been and should be the same for each owner.  I was trying to see what the production reporting said for a particular well and if LA was being shorted on severance tax. SWN says it is a problem with Chesapeake (well operator).  I reminded them that per mineral code it was the payee's (SWN) responsibility. We will see what happens.


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