SWEPCO - Emergency request - Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14-15

This doesn't really fit in any of the O&G categories but SWEPCO is requesting all its Louisiana customers to limit the use of electricity as much as possible today and tomorrow - they're saying there is a very real chance of brownouts because of the unusual demand.

If the situation worsens, they're also saying they may have to shutdown electricity to different areas for possibly 2-hour periods.

Right now the request is to raise A/C thermostats and be particularly conscious of extra lights being on, limit dryer use, etc.

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I've always wondered how many people reduce their air conditioner use, and how many people say, "I'd better crank the thermostat down and get it as cool as possible before the power goes off."

Word to the wise: If the lights start to dim, turn off the air conditioning, unplug the freezer and refrigerator. You can damage air conditioners or other refrigeration systems running them on low voltage.

If you try to claim damages from the power company, they'll tell you that you should know to unplug and turn off during a brownout, so it's your own fault. I wonder what they expect you to do if you aren't home when there's a brownout?

As the folks in California are well aware, you just deal with it.
Thanks for the good advice.
I was very conscientious in my energy consumption today. I didn't cook or clean. I love it when I have a legitimate reason NOT to do housework!
Seriously though, here in Blanchard, we had 11 brownouts yesterday. I hope that we don't have a repeat of that.
With two Chinese pugs, a power failure or brownout is a serious problem at my house, they can't tolerate heat/humidity AT ALL. We have battery powered fans for temporary emergencies.

As I understand it, we can go back to chores like washing/drying clothes after 6:00 P.M. My computer both generates a lot of heat and wastes electricity when not in use so I'm restricting time spent online right now.

We closed all the interior shutters today, turned off all unnecessary lights, didn't cook or bake anything, and we don't normally keep our thermostat very low - the house was quite comfortable.

I don't think I've ever been in a real brownout. Is there any public warning or does the power just go off? Today I understood the reporter to say "2-hour brownouts" - are they that controlled?

Our A/C is old and the repairman says the model is being discontinued at the end of this year so I'm sweating that, no pun intended! I did hear this afternoon that this brutal heat may get more comfortable in the next few days with the possibility of rain, which we need desperately. Our water bill may be as high as the electricity bill this month.
Imagine how much higher both could be if they pass that Cap and Trade tax?
Just another reason to consider solar panels on the roof. O well, this is why they make generators.
I think we should just go back to living underground. Those cavemen and women didn't have to worry about staying cool in 102 degree weather!!
i was thinking of building a house into the side of a hill !!!
It would maintain a consistent temperature year round. I have read extensively on doing the very same thing KJ. Trouble is, there aren't many hills in the flats of my area available!
I like the way ya'll think. I've looked at that concept, too. And, after being without power for extended periods due to H. Rita and Ike, the idea of energy independence really appeals to me.
If you build a house underground or into the side of a hill in this area, be sure you spend the extra money to prevent water and moisture from causing black mold. An older couple from our church moved here several years ago and built into the side of a hill. Both of them started having lung problems and it was traced to the black mold growing in their home. They moved to the upper level of the home, but it didn't help any. He became wheelchair bound and they had to bulldoze their house down and rebuild. The insurance company wouldn't pay for damages, so they lost everything.



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