Where could I find a map of Louisiana Townships, Ranges, and Sections. It would be so much easier to be able to plot the new wells and keep up with the new trending areas.   Thanks

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TK, I use my MAPSCO "The Roads of Louisiana" regularly but it has been out of print for some time. I just checked Amazon and there are five used copies starting at $107.  I paid $19.95 but that was twelve years ago.  Your next best bet, which is free, is to simply download the parish maps that cover the area in which you are interested.  The LA DOTD website has downloads of all the parishes with section-township-range although there is not the comprehensive detail as The Roads of Louisiana.  You can print out the ones you need and tape them together.  Here is a link to the DOTD maps:


Thank you Skip. Very helpful.

You're welcome, George.  For those whose interest is limited to their immediate area, the DOTD maps are quite good.  And good to write on.  :-)

Thanks Skip, I went with the mapsco version.

You're welcome, TK.  It's the better option for most folks.  It's a shame that it is out of print.

I have the old version and it is just about worn out from use. You can see the section and town/range much better in the newer version because of their color change in the newer one. I would suggest that you scan your map book and use that for your research so you can enlarge the pages to see better and make annotations without hurting your original. I have owned mine for around 15 years if I remember correctly. 

Sounds good because i want to write on it for sure.

I saw this on Craigslist New Orleans. The maps are dated from 1930

On X Hunt is pretty good tool to use also. It was designed for hunters but works real good for me as a landman. It is not cheap but I write it off my taxes. It is about $27 per year for one state or $100 per year for all 50 states. It shows who the owners are of each parcel of land and their addresses. It will follow you around using the app on a smart phone and draw a map of where you have been using the GPS in the phone. You can make notes on the map and color in areas that you are interested in. I found out about about it on one of the landmen web sites and have had it for about a year. It is tied into the assessors maps and I guess google earth. Since the slow down in work in the oil patch especially leasing, I haven't had too many chances to use it as of yet but from my experience with it it is a really good tool that will help me when things get going good again. It will probably reduce my use of The Roads of Louisiana by Mapco. It works with Android, Iphone and your home computer. You just log in and all your stuff is there.


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