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thx OS,  found the map on the Fairfieldgeo website few minutes ago. 

How close is it to me or am I in this?  T2N R3W section 26

Pretty sure you are outside this outline to the NW

Hello Rock Man, 

What about S23 T1S R3W?

This area looks to be outside the 3D outline to the west

I believe the key to getting this expensive 3D survey done is to get a number of operators to subscribe to underwriting it. If they don't get these commitments, this survey will not be shot.

"Permitting is nearly complete and acquisition is expected to commence in September 2019"

This would lead the casual observer to believe it's going to happen. What are the conditions that would prevent it?

I believe you are right, but why would they choose an area that is 95% west of all EOG and Marathon leased acreage? You'd think if they wanted operators to underwrite this shoot, they'd choose an area where these operators have a leasehold.

Marathon acreage is inside the green boundary. Seismic area depicted by blue boundary.

This map doesn't match the map attached above. Are they different projects?

The 2 maps depict the same area. The first has a red boundary for the seismic project; the second map shows it in blue. The second map has added an overlay boundary of Marathon properties (green boundary). See: "The map below depicts an outline of Marathon's acreage and an estimated boundary for the 3D seismic shoot."

Looks as if I will be in the green area.   I know my place was seismographed back in late 70's.  Probably 2D.   Not sure how this plays into everything but I am in a BLM LAES 057320 1,974 acre unit & the BLM land is leased until 2022 by MBI out of ND.   Michael J. Broussard Land Service Inc. out of Lafayette also has interest in all of these BLM unit.   However I am a very small portion (66 acres) of this unit (T2N R3W Sections 26 & 35) that is not leased and as I understand none of private land is leased.   Also isn't the TMS & AC both in this area.


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