A letter has been issued from Nebraska's governor opposing the current route.  As of today, Canada's statement is that they believe this will go through as planned.




Hey, you all know by now that I like playing with elephants in the room.  80)

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Well Sesport this Big OLD Rogue Elephant is certainly in the room...hope you having a good Labor Day weekend.I

see? I can be polite to donkeys.

I think I should change my online  name to "she who never sleeps".  This site has been my nocturnal entertainment for last few days. 

I see clouds and wind and blowing leaves outside..could this mean we just might get some of the Lee rain here afterall? 

Guess doesn't hurt to hope.

I see that Natural Gas took a plunge to $3.86 after going up to $4.09 this week. 

Kind of glad market closed til Tuesday. 

Oh Obama's campaign just emailed me wanting to know what are the chances I could organize a fundraiser for him?

How should I word my reply of "Not a snowball's chance in Heckydarn"?


My Daddy worked on the Alaskan pipeline in the 40's..made enough money to start his business here in East Texas.  That is the same pipeline they are still using...and it has some issues.  I dont' really see the need for one all across the USA to Gulf.  Maybe would if oil and gas was going NORTH to sell.

someone will have to explain to me why this pipeline from Canada is a good idea.  And explain how a US Labor board official thinks her Honda was helping state side jobs while it was built in Canada?  And why busses now have to be bought in Canada instead of Made In USA?  and why there is no real big hell raised over Mexican guns coming into USA and shooting at hunters on the border?  and why ....well you see how my mind is running.


But really..I would like some discussion and explanation on all the above.  I am not unreasonable and would really like to know


and I am NOT a birther..I just dont' think Obama is a legit citizen of USA.  And I think he messing with Football when he should be figuring out some clues to Texas Culture.

Not only is NFL sacred here at my house...high school ball games and college games are too.  And deer season.  and Dove and Duck season. 


It is kind of hard to pick a date for a wedding or anything else without interfering with any of the above.

But we manage. 

The advocacy against this pipeline is very strong.  The Hollywood crowd are letting themselves get arrested at protests.  I would not be surprised if it was delayed a long, long time. 


Isn't this one of the pipelines planed back in the day of projected scarcities?  North America's energy picture has changed drastically since this was first proposed.  Personally, I am more supportive of pipelines for LNG than oil shale.




Sorry fellow GHShalers,

I'm offering my land for nat gas exploration and production.  Why?  Some kind of Future Freedom and Energy Security from OPEC Nations by cutting our Nations addiction to their oil.  Hopefully, nat gas will come alive and become a viable source of energy for transportation, etc.   And we have the ability to get a little greener too.    We will have Future Freedom and Energy Security where nat gas is concerned, in my lifetime, IMHO.

But...We will always need oil, in my lifetime anyway.  Who do I want to buy oil from?  CANADA and MEXICO.   Our neighbors.  I want our Country to do business with CANADA, especially where our Country's energy needs/security are concerned...Not remain forever dependent on OPEC.

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is here, and it still feels like a perpetual heart attack to Our Nation and her great peoples.   I cannot stand the thought of continuing to support OPEC oil countries that still support and nuture terrorism and terrorists, or countries like Iran that can imprison young American hikers and sentence them to nine or ten years in prison...and the U.S. cannot do anything...I'm done! 

Who do you want your children and grandchildren to buy their first tank of gas (or nat gas) from?

Nebraska needs to get over it.  The U.S. needs to get on with it.  And, the affected State governments, the U.S. Fed Government, and the Canadian Gov. need to make sure it gets done right, environmentally, financially, and equitably where the landowners are concerned.  Yes, we can do it that way!

My prayers this week to all of OUR 9/11 Family.... Yes, we really ARE one Family.  America's! 


DrWAVeSport Cd1  9/7/2011




Very well said DrWAVeSport!  It is still beyond my comprehension that policy-makers and politicians can't see it!  I don't have much faith in our president's speech Thursday night... but maybe somehow he'll include your very clear and understandable observations and our congress can make them into the law of the land!  jhh


LOL,  Do you think it might be say...Buddy Roemer?  Saw Buddy last night on "The Jon Stewart Show."   IMO, there will be no limit of "Donald Ducks" applying for The Job! LOL

DrWAVeSport Cd1 9/7/2011

Cramer and Kudlow both pushing Nat Gas and the Shales, this p.m. 


Well if there is no limit to the "Donald Ducks" applying for the job, might as well keep the "Donald Duck" you know!!!


the best we can hope for in that regard is for his administration to stay neutral on the issue in public, which i think is fairly likely due to who some of his major backers are.



Rick Perry?  Please.  If you think it is bad now, it will be worse with Perry or Romney.


Who would you suggest Deb?


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