We were driving back from Baton Rouge along hwy 190.  after leaving Livonia noticed a rig in a sugar cane field north of the highway where they have drilled before.  just before you go over the overpass it's in the field off to the right.  Does anyone know about this well?  wondering if it's an Austin Chalk or a TMS.  Just wondering.  Thanks


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Neither.  It's a Cockfield well.

There has been an oil field there for years and years.  Sometimes referred to as the Livonia Field.  It is part of the field that stretches over to Lottie.  With the price of oil as high as it is, no reason not to drill more wells in that area.

Thanks for the info.  It doesn't look like a shallow type well.  Any idea what formation, horizontal or vertical?

It's a vertical Cockfield well.  Cockfield is the permitted horizon, the target formation.  The is only one rig running it Pointe Coupee at this time.


Been by that location on old Hwy 90 many a time over the years. They say the place to eat is at that little diner on the north side of the road, although I never had time to stop myself. If the place is closed by now, I hope the owner has acreage in the well.

Thanks everybody for the information.  It doesn't take much to get me excited!

William just wait for the Condensate market to heat up. Pointe Coupee TMS should be a heavy producer when it does.

I'll probably be dead before that happens.  Thanks for the thought.  My children should do okay, maybe.

Mr. Morrison,

I own some mineral rights in Pointe Coupee along Hwy 77 and am out of touch with what is transpiring there. Do you know who I might could talk with to find out if my mineral rights have any value? I know the property was in a lease, but I was never contacted. Thanks for any info you can give me.  

I would ask Mr Skip Peel, he is in that business.  He has some comments above and that should lead you to him.  He is a valuable contributor to this forum and is extremely knowledgeable.

I have no idea where highway 77 is located or routed.  I know of US 190, LA 10 and LA 1.  I generally refer to the other roads by the locality they go through or some other descriptive like "out on Pointe Coupee."  Or on "the island" or an area like Dupont. 

If you know who you can use Google Earth to locate your place and it will give you the coordinates.  That makes much easier for a land man to determine what is going on on your property.

Thanks so much!



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