Please define Well shut-in. 


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There are many reasons to report a well shut in.  Haynesville horizontal wells are listed as Shut In after they are drilled to Total Depth and cased, waiting for a frack crew.  Existing wells may be shut in when one or more wells nearby are being fracked.  Wells may also be temporarily shut in due to take away capacity.  Gathering lines only have so much capacity, you can not run an unlimited volume of gas through them.  The State of Louisiana has six categories of shut in wells, each with a well status code.

31:  Shut-In Dry Hole - Future Utility

32:  Shut-In Dry Hole - No Future Utility

33:  Shut-In Productive - Future Utility

34:  Shut-In Productive - No Future Utility

36:  Shut-In Waiting On Pipeline

37 - Shut-In Waiting On Market

If a Well is Shut-In Productive, would it still produce mcf's?


Yes.  And oil, depending on the type of well.  Just because a well can produce some gas or oil does not necessarily make it economic.  As I have mentioned previously, the traditional definitions and use of the Shut-In codes have evolved over time.  I find wells listed a shut-in that were drilled years ago.  They should have been plugged and abandoned as no well should remain shut in that long.  The questions often in my mind are:  Is the well listed as shut in for such a long period of time because the operator has not reported it or, is the status code a database error.  IMO, database errors, omissions and lag time are at an all time high.  Not surprising considering what has happened to their operating budget and staffing.

Thanks Skip!


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