Does any know if they have done any drilling in Section 8 in Dogwood Park?

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This link is a big help and will answer your question.
The interactive map is also available on SONRIS as it is the property of the Department of Natural Resources/Office of Conservation, not the LOGA. The LOGA is the oil and gas industry trade and lobby organization and should be viewed with healthy skepticism. The president made a trip to DeSoto Parish some months back to view the damage to rural roads resulting from industry traffic. He expressed amazement at the deplorable conditions of the parish road system. Yeah right. And what has the LOGA done about the problem. Zip, zero, nada.
Sorry, did not know all that, just trying to help, I tend to have both web sites up to cross check info, I'll just go back to reading now.
No apology necessary What's up. LOGA is a legitimate trade association. They are just highly prejudicial to the benefit of their members. They have an agenda and pursue it rather devotedly, if not very tactfully.
Skip, that is the purpose of trade associations (INGAA, AGA, NGSA, IPAA, etc). Also, trade associations do not typically have much money.
Les B. I have a good bit of experience with non-profit trade associations.
Barbara, what is the township-range?
The township is 18 North, Range 12, West, Section 8. Thanks for your reply. Please let me know if any drilling has taken place or any wells operating.
Barbara, this is the closest Haynesville Shale well to your section:

Chesapeake, Conger 15 #H1 Well, Serial #239947, S15-T18N-R12W, Bossier Parish, 6502 Mcfd, 12/64" Choke, 6520 psi Flowing Pressure
Thanks so much for the information. Do you the whereabouts of this well, I would like to know if it is near Dogwood Park. I appreciate your reply.
Barbara, please see the attached map. The well is shown in Section 15.


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