What lease bonus $$$ is acceptable for 2009... the following is how I see it.

Lease Bonuses::

2007.........$100 - $300 / acre leases..................way too low

2008.........$20,000 & up / acre leases...............evidently too high

2009.........$2500 - $10,000 / acre leases ........seems about right

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Aieee... crop! I haven't gone to bed yet!

Tiger: I didn't do it, no one saw me do it, you can't prove anything...

But, Earl: East German Judge! That's just hysterical! ROFLOL!

P. S. - Would somebody please point me to the origin of the red panties?
Reply by Snake Stewart on December 7, 2008 at 6:04pm
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Here's the first member of the RedPantiedPiratesSoftball Cheerleading squad:
To a normal person, it does seem right. But the O&G biz is anything but normal. It seems to experience Hollywod highs and lows - all dramatic and erratic, like those "reality shows" that exhibit a "heightened" sense of reality from what us regular folks usually experience. O&G is the Brittany Spears of industries. Working in the industry has always been like living with a manic depressive that doesn't think it needs to take its meds. Let's hope you're right, Ray! I do like the way you think!
I heard today Chesapeake is saying no more than $1,000.00 an acre.
I had a reliable report today of $2,000/acre and it was for a nice size tract in the core. Just my opinion but I suggest that no one accept or get upset. Have an enjoyable holiday season and start over in the New Year.
Earl, don't bother, In fact leave the dog out. He does know the difference between the CHK landman and me. I hope.

Skip, hopin' yor dog has had his shots.
"They don't bite this time of year" seasoned landman to the rookie.
rookie to the seasoned landman; Are you sure?
"Been there before and learned it from my ole grandpappy" he said "They shed their teeth this time of year and all they could do is gum ya and their gums are sore from shedding their teeth so they will just bark and growl"
That must be how it happened in Pineville, cause mine just bit the crap outta me last night ! (LOL)
Hey Snake you want to buy those 2 extra cylinders that car salesman ordered for that woman?
Just as soon as I get this ocean front property sold , 2Dogs


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