I've been hearing this rumour for almost a year now, never thought much of it because it sounded like just a wild rumour. But it's been awfully persistent, someone told me about it again yesterday so I thought I would post about it and see what happens:

The rumour is that there is oil under the shale, that is one of the reasons Chesapeake is being so thorough with the seimograph work in the area (Central DeSoto Parish). I was told yesterday they had brought in a new team of geologists to help read the seismograph results. So-- think there could be anything to this or is it just wild speculation? After all, killing wild rumours is part of the site's purpose.

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Thanks, Les.
I'm glad I brought it up after all. Very informative, insightful posts, I learned a few new things. One more quick question--I've seen on Sonris reports some gas wells show a small amount of oil being produced, is that the condensate you are talking about?
In the last few years we have been hearing and reading all about the "End Of Oil" and "Peak Oil".......now we hear of the Balkan oil fields and more oil under Colorado than in all of Saudi Arabia. My point is (being an idiot or just stupid) why can't us human beings be more open-minded and not so quick to point out how stupid other people are. Unless you have been secretly visiting the earth under the Haynesville Shale then you can't say what is under there. I agree with you Jay, you are hopeful and have an open mind that anything is possible. Of course I will be jumped on by those of great knowledge but I like to hear what Jay has to say and whether he is right or wrong, which we will one day find out, I don't think anyone should attack his opinion. Who knows, one day we may find out the earth is really flat, so there!!
"Or maybe I'm dense and most all of the deep-water wells aren't dirt deep, i.e., just water deep, i.e., it's a misnomer in phrasing."

I dont know Gosh Darn,
While the specific gravity of surface dirt/rock is roughly 2.2 X's greater than water, core temp should have as much or more of an enfluence then gravitational pressures that deep.
The closer it gets to hell.....dont matter if you got billions of gallons of salt water on top of it or not. :-)

From what I've read they lease them in the Barnett. I don't care if you call 'em mineral rights or not, it just might be one more layer of lagniappe (and as far as I'm concerned it's all lagniappe).
I can't speak for TX. I am only saying that I don't believe geothermal wells would be part of minerals in LA.

RS 31:6 — Right to search for fugitive minerals; elements of ownership of land

Ownership of land does not include ownership of oil, gas, and other minerals occurring naturally in liquid or gaseous form, or of any elements or compounds in solution, emulsion, or association with such minerals. The landowner has the exclusive right to explore and develop his property for the production of such minerals and to reduce them to possession and ownership.

Acts 1974, No. 50, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1975.
RS 31:5 — Ownership of solid minerals

Ownership of land includes all minerals occurring naturally in a solid state. Solid minerals are insusceptible of ownership apart from the land until reduced to possession.

Acts 1974, No. 50, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1975.
Geothermal would simply be drilling wells to reach superheated water or a high temp zone that could be used to heat water pumped down.
RS 30:800-806 provides for rules for the state to lease geothermal rights on state owned land. Seperate leases are required (through the mineral board.)
Reply by Skip Peel- Independent Landman
Max, you ought to alert Minden to the opportunity. A Big Foot themed amusement park with a diamond pit. The adults can hunt for diamonds while the kids ride the rides. Maybe throw in some of parker's natural hot water baths. LOL! Well heck, gator parks seem to be enjoying a run of popularity. You just never know what will trip folks' triggers. All Rights Reserved, of course. Ha!

Y'all can have all the gators you can rustle from my farm for your project as long as you turn the water up warm enough for me in the geothermal pool.
Deal. I will however need some help with the gators. Any volunteers out there? LOL!
I'm not afraid of snakes, but gators are another story. You can get within a few feet of them and they aren't moving.



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