Shale news is soooooo slow and I am bored. I am wondering whatever happened to some of the most verbal players in the beginning of this site. Mooncookie, Jim Crow, Snake Stewart, Kassi, Jay (the other Jay--not Shale Geo).  There were others whose names I have now forgotten who are also lost. Did you all metamorphosize into our newer peers. If not, let's hear from you all again

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In my post above I was referring to Jay Murrell, not Jim.

Geez, am I attending my own funeral here? lol.


My wife has a saying (passed down to her from her Mom), "only boring people get bored."


@skip, hillarious.


Thanks for the encouragement guys, I just try to let this thing go where you all take it. I wanted a grassroots effort from the start and I think we have gotten that.

Keith, the site has been great:  informative, entertaining, bonding for a lot of the members. I thought we might be getting too compacent, so decided to see if I could resurrect some of those "dead" members who were so verbose in the beginning of this site formation and some are surfacing.  A site can be educational and entertaining. Libraries are educational but who wants to spend a lot of time there once you have your info. Entertainment is the lagniappe. Who would've known Skip was a comedy writer--and a darn good one--until yesterday!! LOL

GHS has also had some babies. They are named Tuscaloosa and Eagle Ford. These folks are in the same position we were in when we showed up GHS. They need information. It's been fun seeing these groups develop and how shalers have kicked in to help. Thanks!

I know some of us have been trying to hide from the fellow who likes to wear a dark hood over his head, we can fool him sometimes, but in the end we all lose that game of "hide and seek".  I'm sure some members have gone to a better place and the connection on the other end is always disconnected.


I hope the members who have taken that boat ride across the river didn't forget to give a last wave to those left here on GHS.

 Early on there was much anticipation involving lease bonuses, boundries, company's involved and who took one and etc., the fervor has diminished and I suspect many still check in though they may not post. Many are keenly disapointed the door has been gently shut by low gas prices. The future still remains bright.
Ken----- A Normal Boom---Bust Cycle in oil & gas -- presently in the middle-the boom it will return IMO
I would point out that for the area of the HA/BO shales, this is the first major play occurring in a mature Internet environment.  The proliferation of computers and Internet access no longer allows plays to develop in a relative information vacuum.  Regardless of location and access to other media, land and mineral owners who have searched for information have found it, here and other websites, blogs, chat rooms, etc.  Much of what is learned here in regard to management of mineral interests should benefit generations to come.  Not just in NW. LA. and E. TX. but across the country as individuals surf for mineral related content and find GHS or GMS or  We are all pioneers.  And Keith owns the wagon train.  LOL!  I think the journey is just beginning.

Train of Thoughts. Some Train wrecks. Honored to hook my wagon to the Stars of The GHS site.

Thank you to all. What a ride.   

"Reply by Skip Peel- Independent Landman on June 24, 2011 at 9:02am
Earl & Earlene took high level policy positions with the IEA (International Energy Agency). Their employment agreement prohibits them posting any agency data on GHS. Dang! KB's burlesque career took off and she is now on tour. You can keep up with her on TMZ. Kassie graduates from law school this Fall and then will practice oil & gas law representing land/mineral owners. Watch out Aubrey! Mooncookie was appointed to head the Global Transcendental Meditation Society and is headquartered out of Geneva, Switzerland. Jim Crow is recovering from multiple ulcers and his doctors will not allow him on GHS ever again. He's still one of the most knowledgeable (and irascible) members to ever post on this site. Snake Stewart is on a shale mission to Pennsylvania where he ministers to rural mineral owners. He was a co-producer of the documentary, Gasland. Disclaimer: Not Really!!! Best of Luck to them "

I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. I almost had yogurt coming out my nose here at work. This was quite hilarious. Thanks, Skip!!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed it, getoverit.  I wrote it especially for members such as yourself who have been around long enough to know the members referenced and knowing that newbies would be unable to fully appreciate my lampoon.  Those were the days.  LOL!
I remember when I turned down $15,000 / 25%......those were the days.


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