We are seeing a new trend of earlier and colder Winters. The price of NG is starting to climb. The question is: When will the price hit $5.00. May be before March 1st. Any other guesses? 

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I'll go with January 15th.......2016

I'll go with January 21, 2016. The day obama leaves office!

That would be Jan 2017.
Sorry Bruce

going out early is ok...

What about Congress, ?

I wonder what NG prices would be if Obama had put an effort in to installing NG access like he wanted to do with electric access for vehicles?

P.G. - I agree with that... here in Oregon we have 'Alternative Energy' Companies popping up everywhere still and the majority are claiming special Federal Energy funds as part of their operational capital... every parking lot has at least two Electrical Charging Stations... some have as many as twenty and now we have an actual 'quick charge' Filling Stations opening soon along the I-5 corridor.

On a brighter note - my wife is working for a company however that is developing Natural Gas Fuel Cells under another grant... and should hopefully be in full production by EOY 2018... so it does offer those of us with NG interest a chance for a future!

Back in 1988 I worked for Petty Ray Geophysical doing a 3D shoot near the community of Mist Oregon near St Helens. I had always heard that hydrocarbons burned up do to the volcanic activity close to the surface in the Pacific Northwest. I asked why the area was significant and was told that water well drillers were hitting natural gas pockets at very shallow depths. 80 ft. was the figure given. Bill do you know if that field was ever developed and if so is it still producing?

Tom - Yes it is still producing, however never really developed ... as you said small pockets, I am surprised no O&G have attempted a Horizontal up there and Fracked to release the pent up mini-pockets... that area of Clatsop and Columbia Counties has some rather large deposits of soft Coal... even has two old immature soft Diamond mines, both of which have been tapped into from time to time, Coal was just too immature and the Diamonds barely met the low end standards for industrial use. Water wells are still hitting a lot of NG and even some crude oil, but again nothing in bulk...

You do realize that 40% (and climbing) of electricity is generated by natural gas.  So Obama is promoting NG for vehicles.  If gasoline equals oil then electricity (is becoming) equals natural gas.

The majority of our electricity in the Pacific Northwest is generated by HydroElectric... however we also have several facilities that provide it to other states being generated by Coal still....  hoping they make the NG conversion mandatory and replace the coal fired units.

Our problem is we have so darn many tree huggers and conservation groups funded by 'someone with deep pockets' that they keep holding protest against all NG projects in the state.


Bill R--- They front as "tree huggers"  but if truth be known they are corrupt coal money or more likely renewal energy people wind &  solar investors after money and do not want inexpensive Nat Gas take over market


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