BlackBrush O&G LP applies to form a 1440 acre Austin Chalk drilling unit in 1N - 2E.

Cut-and-paste the following URL into your search box to view the application including play.

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Wow - stupid me / missed the "per stage" note plus did poor math on treated lateral length

The 3100#+ per foot number is correct - big frac "hammer" here.

Surprised that they can do that down 4.5" casing.

Apologize for posting bad info and comments!!

Still a pretty short section of lateral that is being treated. But some of the EOG C Tx AC Hz wells were only in the 2000' range too (and had great results!)

You double check me, I'll double check you.  Appreciate your professional opinions.


It is not clear if the posted frac info is "planned' or what took place. 

I am thinking it is the "plan" and if so, we don't see a posted later this month indicating an actual proppant volume pumped that was lower than expected.

Or even worse, if there were instances of the frac stages "sanding up" during pumping operation.

4.5" casing is a big limitation on pump pressures and volumes.

We will see soon!

This is the planned frac design.  The results will not be available anytime soon unless WJ Energy has some reason to expedite reporting of the IP data.  That would be unusual.  It can take many weeks for a well turned to sales to have completion data available in the database. 

Skip, have you seen the BlackBrush  9 proposed units?

Doug, the application has not been entered in the database as of this afternoon, Tuesday.

Skip, BlackBrush, about 16 trucks of frack sand arrive so far out of Texas and Kinder.La. how long do you think it will take to finished?

Once they are set up, the actual frac operation will take 2 to 5 days depending on stage length, 24/7 operations (yes or no) and possible problems. Lots of moving parts here and lots of potential for things going haywire.

After frac operations are completed, well is shut in while everything is rigged down. Only thing left will be flow back equipment and a series of tanks (usually the portable trailer truck type). Operator will then probably set up coiled tubing unit to start drilling out the frac plugs and getting the hole cleaned out so that flow back can be started.

I figure that frac flow back will start about 7-10 days after frac is completed.

If this well follows the norm for other frac'd unconventional wells, the initial flowback will be 100% water (frac fluid). Ideally, O&G will start breaking through after a few days and will increase over time (in comparison to water volumes). I would expect to see a flare stack set up - this will be the only indication of hydrocarbons to anyone watching the operation from off site.

Hopefully the well will flow back under its own power, but if not, some sort of artificial lift will need to be installed to get the well unloaded.

Flow back takes time- it could be 30+ days until the operator gets a rate that they consider to be "acceptable" with respect to O&G vs frac fluid / water content.

And these results won't be posted to the LA regulatory sites until months after the work is done.

Reports from the field as to what is going on are the only info we will get on this well - and then the supposition as to what is happening.

Frustrating time to those watching!!!!!!!!

Doug, please let us know when the frac crew has finished.  Rock Man is correct.  After the completion ops are done, we will be stuck in limbo until the completion and allowable reports are posted to the state database.  Unless of course, BlackBrush chooses to make a press release. Most private companies don't go in for too much promotion.  They'd rather keep things quiet and they have no Wall Street types to impress.

SKIP, Halliburton trucks (red) about 12 trucks left @. Noon today together

Thanks, Doug.

Good to see that they are using a quality contractor (Halliburton). Lots of people and groups involved with a frac job - crowded and busy location



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