Bayswater Exploration & Production, LLC - pre-application notice for 2 Austin Chalk units - Centerville Field, Evangeline Parish

Also posted this in Evangeline Parish group.

Received notice yesterday (as an adjoining landowner outside the proposed units) that they are proposing 2 new units:  Austin Chalk Zone, Reservoir A, Centervile Field, Evangeline Parish (1) AUS C RA SUD & (2) AUS C RA SUE.  

FYI these lay just South of the old unit AUS C RA SUA ( I believe was the Basco well drilled around 1997).

Anyone know anything about this company, who they are operating for?

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The only thing I know about Bayswater is they are base out of Denver. Cypress Energy Corp as an agent for Hunter Exploration Co. lease our acreage in the first part of March. Cypress contacted me about 3 weeks ago to inform us they had sold about 7,400 acres, including our 200 to Bayswater. Cypress had told me, Bayswater had engaged them to lease in our area. Bayswater is to be the operator. I have no clue if they will do the actual drilling or farm it out to another. Our family is just glad to see the name Bayswater mention to do something in the Austin Chalk even though they are not close to us now. We are in the Deerford Zachary area of East Baton Rouge Parish. Since I have no clue of where the Basco Well was, please name a close town or community.

John EBR

This is in NE Evangeline Parish. Centerville, St. Landry (not St. Landry Parish) communities. Closest town is Bunkie. 

Bayswater is an active operator in the Permian Basin - drilling and frac'ing 10,000' laterals in the Wolfcamp. Their "people" section on the website lists some quality staff with various O&G experience across many operational areas.
More active in the northern Rockies and Mid Continent. This will be their first Austin Chalk and/or Louisiana operational effort.

CHENEYVILLE - BAYSWATER EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION, LLC  to create three drilling and production units:


Please help me to clarify/understand:

It is my understanding that:

(1) the Centerville Field was established in the late 90’s when the Basco well was drilled and before the Cheneyvile Field was expanded to the East.

(2) Today the (2) fields are basically contiguous; but have separate unit designations. Please correct me or clarify this. Thanks!

With that said; I assume that the (3) units you refer to are the same (2) that I mentioned, plus a 3rd one (SUF); and actually  are designated the Centerville Field and not Cheneyville Field.  Again correct me if I’m wrong here.

The plat I received did not have the 3rd (SUF) unit — so if these are the same as the ones that I referred to - could you provide a plat of SUF or at least say where it is located in reference to SUE (I.e. adjoining to the West or East or South).

FYI - you can see the plat I posted of SUD and SUE in the Evangeline Parish group.


Hopefully Doug can provide some clarity.  In the meantime, a short tutorial on drilling and production units.  Units are based on producing formations first and fields second.  So a single section can have multiple units.  For example one for the Wilcox, one for the Austin Chalk, one for the Tuscaloosa Sand, etc.  Think of the subsurface as a layer cake.  Each layer with a unique definition.  In some instances such as you describe the Wilcox could be in one field and the other two a different field.  This is an educated guess based on your question.  May be the case, may not.

As to your not receiving the plat for SUF.  Notice is provided to all surface and mineral rights owners within the proposed unit boundary as evidenced in the public record and those adjacent to a distance of 1000'.  If you do not own an interest in SUF and are further away than 1000', there would no requirement for you to receive a notice and plat for that unit.

I thought I understood, but after going back and reading some earlier comments - still some confusion:

1. Doug - On the other thread (North Cheneyville) - you stated earlier today that these (3) new Bayswater proposed units were below the Blackbush well.

2. Back on April 30 - Doug posted that Blackbush was applying for (9) new units; and on May 2 Skip posted a plat of said (9) new units.

3. The (3) recent units that Doug notes above (applied for by Bayswater) have the same unit designation as 3 of those 9 that Blackbush applied for back in April— and those are West and NW of the Blackbush well (not below it, if I’m reading the plat correctly).  

4. How can 2 companies be applying for units with same destination in the same field?

5. The 2 new Bayswater units (Centerville Field) that I am referring to in the title of this thread are listed as in the Centerville field and are located 8 - 10 miles due South of the town of Cheneyville in the community of Centerville in the NE corner of Evangeline parish (not Rapides); whereas the Blackbush well I believe is 2-3 miles NE of Cheneyville.

I know that Bayswater is applying for 2 in the Centerville Field which is located in NE corner of Evangeline Parish because I received communication from them - (even though adding to the confusion - their plat that I posted in the Evangeline Parish group says Rapides parish when they are actually in Evangeline).

Im just trying to clarify if Bayswater is also applying for 3 units in the North Cheneyville Field.

Can anyone clarify.

The operators apply for units but the state gives the approval for the units. Sometime operators form units in the same places that conflict with other operators applications.


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