Today, 3/30/19, Southwest Mount Common Field, West Feliciana Parish.

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Skip - good points / we used to do this in my previous life at a major operator.

Betting time - will CP drill to Buda or not???

My bet ($2) is "yes"


Thanks for the offer but I do not gamble when all I have is a WAG.  :-)

Did you compare the Erwin well and the McKowen well?


ERROR - I was incorrect in my comments about the depth of the AC in this area. The whole core is in the AC. Once I reviewed Kirk's posting on this, I realized that I had screwed up.

I apologize for that error.

Erwin #1 reported 30 days drilling ahead @ 12,932' on 4/26.

ERwin #1 reported 37 days drilling ahead @ 12,934' on 5/3.

Long time at the same depth - could be problems related to well control and/or trying to plug back to start drilling horizontal part of the hole.


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