6 units in SW Mount Common Church Field, 7 units in Freeland Field and 6 units in NW Jackson Field.


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Trinidad Drilling Rig #120 on the McKowen #1 reported 15 days Drilling Ahead  @ 3795' on Friday, Oct. 26.

Looks like Sonris (spud 10/17) and RigData (15 days since spud? or 15 days since rigging up?) are out of sync?.

Regardless, deep surface casing set and on the way to thru thick Wilcox section. Thinking that there will be an intermediate casing point (set 9 5/8" casing) before getting to AC to put the Wilcox behind pipe. 

There are often slight variations between SONRIS and the subscription rig reports.  The SONRIS data originates with the operating company, the weekly rig reports come from the drilling contractor.  I tend to think the rig reports are likely more accurate.  Regardless, the weekly rig reports are usually more frequent than the SONRIS well file updates.

Sometimes the dates can be off because of the use of a spudder rig. 

Skip, thanks for the comments and explanation. The important thing is that there ARE sources of drilling progress / data out there so that we are not totally in the dark!!

You're welcome.  SONRIS data has a decided time lag.  We will have weekly rig updates until the rig leaves.  Then we will depend on members in the area to report on completion ops.

Did we ever figure out if the Eagles Ranch was on artificial lift?

Unless SONRIS posts info that well is pumping or on gas lift or ESP, the only indicator that EOG did something (e.g. artificial lift) will be seeing the production data drop and then have a significant uptick in volume. So months to wait to see production through October / November 2018 at least

So, no, not yet.

Trinidad Rig #120 reported 24 days Drilling Ahead on the McKowen #1 @ 10,978', 11/9.



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