An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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Hope this one gets drilled and shows PC is the place to be.

This well is on the back of Brunswick Plantation.  It is about 2 miles east of the Fountaine  Farms, Inc well.  Fontaine Farms well is completed as a gas well and produces a lot of Natural Gas Liquids along with gas.  Brunswick was at one time a property of the Walter Morrison family, Edward Morrison lost Brunswiclk in the Great Depression.  Angeles Plantation, next to it on the east side was once part of Brunswick and still belongs to the Morrison family.  Brunswick belongs to Jobbie Beaud of the Joe Beaud family.  He now farms both Brunswick and Angeles (current Morrison Farm, Inc.).  This is the first time since 1900 that both places have been farmed together and both are planted in Sugar Cane.  We knew about the proposed well and we (Angeles Plantation) is leased to EOG.  We had a lease negotiated by  the land owners along the "Coast of Pointe Coupee" from Brunswick Plantation to Sugar Land Plantation (Beaud Family original holdings).  17,000 feet sounds like a lateral is involved as 17,000 feet is just above the Tuscaloosa Trend.  The Fontaine well is above the Austin Chalk is a little more than 13,000 feet deep with no lateral.  Previous leases have cut off Tuscaloosa Trend at 16,000, and above is always leased for oil.  The Tuscaloosa Trend is always leased for dry gas.  The lease participation is different for Tuscaloosa Trend and the Austin Chalk, gas is a 25% royalty and the oil is a 20% royalty.

Can you tell me the proposed lateral length of the Brunswick #1 and in what Section of 4S-9E is the bottom hole located?

Sonris has the well listed as the Burnswick #1 rather than the Brunswick #1.

Note the attached PDF from DrillingInfo. The three blue dots are the EOG AC wells in this area with their initial (and productive well) in Avoyelles Parish to the west.

Interesting that the wells are spaced basically the same distance apart (about 32 miles).

One can imagine EOG approaching the evaluation of this play concept in a methodical manner across this large area. Their getting more rock and high tech log data all will be tied into their evaluation (along with the production info and details that they are obtaining in their productive well).


As noted on the SONRIS print out, the well is identified as "Burnswick."  But I can assure all that it is located on Brunswick Plantation.  There is no "burnswick" in the area.  The name Brunswick has been around for 163 years when my ancestor, Jacob Haight Morrison, so named it.  I can not help but to think some yoyo in the state misspelled the name.  That is so typical of Louisiana.

Yes. I checked GIS and the well is sited square in the middle of Brunswick Plantation, on back and close to our place.  It is in the middle of sugar cane field.  I bet the owner is not to happy about the location but happy to have a well drilled.  The closet is well is to the south and is in the Tuscaloosa Trend (deep, about 18,300 feet or so).  The new Fontaine Farms Inc well is due west at about 2.3 miles.  

I wonder what the going rate is for damages to sugar cane crop???

Sugar cane land in Pointe Coupee goes for $4,000 an acre or more.  It probably produces about $250 per acre per year.  So I think it is a bit more than an acre of pine trees but then I do not know what pine tree land sells for.  I am sure that EOG has a rent agreement with Jobbie Beaud and that is between them, not us.  I do not understand why EOG is going down to 17,000 feet (give the land around there is about 40 feet above sea level).  That depth will take them through the TMS and may even get into the Tuscaloosa Trend.  Some geologists opine that the Edwards shelf runs right under that area, so it could be the down dip or even the up rise.  My opinion is that the shelf runs along the Mississippi separating West Feliciana from Pointe Coupee but then only a well can really define where the shelf is located.  The well will be located smack dab between the Morganza Field and the Moore-Sams Field.  The Fontaine well to the west is classified as being in the Morganza Field.  The wells east are all classified as Moore-Sams Field.  I care not which field but do care for success.

PS to your comments about Edwards shelf edge location - seismic can identify the shelf edge and an extensive amount has been shot along this trend to date.

EOG's permitted depth of 17,000' does not obligate them to drill that deep. They can always TD the well earlier. Nothing wrong with permitting for deeper just in case the decision is made to drill to those depths.

Of course, I understand they can stop at any point.  And if they have all that good seismic data why even advertise the depth they are willing to go.  And there is a lot of data from existing wells all around the drill site (for instance the Wilbert well about a mile to east, and now abandoned).  So far as I know there is no 3D seismic in that area, to the south west (Judge Digby Field, for instance), yes but not up near the Mississippi river.

Drive by rig photo


Thanks for the photo and "eyes in the field".

Hard to tell but rig appears on the small side - I wonder if EOG is initially using a smaller spudder rig to drill surface hole and set casing before moving in the more expensive big rig for heavy duty drilling?????

This is their and others common practice in other horizontal trends / some good cost savings doing this.


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