An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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Optimism about the EOG well is great to have - but remember that they did not get this well to the AC for testing / all that work was done in the Lower Wilcox Sands. So even with success, the impact will be local and not trend wide.

Personally, I would be my money on EOG looking to convert this to SWD in Wilcox / Frio sands down the road IF they need it. Or sell it to someone to do similar procedure.

Sorry to be a pessimist

I am no geologist but note in the SONRIS work permits all refer their perforations as "Austin Chalk."  I suppose one can title one's work request as one wants to do that.  It is clear they drilled down to where they wanted to drill.  They did not get into the TMS and I would think the strata above TMS could generally be referred to as Austin Chalk.  After all is not the Austin Chalk a substrata of the Wilcox which has several substrata including the Austin Chalk?  No use arguing over, the well is the well and only the cores they bring up can confirm what strata they are actually in.  As regarding use as a SWD, EOG drilled an SWD about four miles away just for that purpose.   Only time will tell what will happen.  Rumor has that EOG is mulling over what they intend to do with the well.  Thus there must be some utility to the well, perhaps if the price per barrel of oil goes up, then they may complete the well.  There is certainly no reason to complete the well as a gas well like the Fontaine Farms well.

Log filed on 9/12/19 for this well in SONRIS confirms that this well never reached the Austin Chalk and that all the completion attempts were in the various clastic / sand packages located above the AC. These may be called Lower Wilcox (Eocene) or Upper Cretaceous Sands (Olmos / Navarro / etc)..

The "Austin Chalk" notation in SONRIS is just an error.

Top of Austin Chalk in this area is below 15,000' based on the old deep Amoco well that is 1.3 miles due west of this EOG location.

Although well permitted to 17,100' as a vertical AC test, EOG stopped at this point (around 13,900') - could be due to mechanical issues (this depth was a key casing point in the aforementioned Amoco deep test).


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