Pryme has requested that the trading of their stock be put on hold until Thursday, August 23rd pending the release of an announcement.

They must have found a farm-in partner.  Maybe this will get things going again.

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Slick fracking is what renewed the Permian Basin.  Whole new stratas were opened and Midland/Odessa was once again reborn.  Not so sure slick fracking will work in the Austin Chalk, but some kind of proppant is needed to keep the fractures open.  Mud sure as hell aint gonna do it.

Come on, some drilling/production company needs to figure it out.  Otherwise, lots of money is being left on the table.


You are correct. The Permian basin is a limestone formation that has natural fractures that have to be opened and held open to produce. It is much the same as the AC. Why no one has tried this method over here I can not understand.

Operators were counting on horizontal liners to keep the laterals from collapsing in the LA Austin Chalk. But so far, there has not been any feedback on results.

Fracking AC wells in Louisiana is probably not economically attractive at a million plus a pop. But it might work, since virtually every horizontal chalk well in LA is impaired by collapsed laterals. I guess it would depend on how much increased production would result. I'm sure there are some people looking at it who are not guessing like me...

I agree Chip. When you look at the IP from Lacour 43 you would think there would be great profits for the company that figures it out. Am I missing something here?  A well like Lacour 43 would have been the talk of the industry here in the Permian, we just don't see those kind of IP numbers here.



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