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If I am understanding correctly, the map that Amelia Resources has on it's latest blog regarding the CGG and Fairfield 3D Seismic Shoot shows both blue box of 3D outline plus it has in green what is suppose to be the Marathon Acreage.   Question I have is the green outline area to the north & west of blue box is mostly BLM land that is actively leased by MBI out of ND.   So is MBI & Broussard out of Lafayette tied to or with Marathon?   If you go to, you can look BLM leases, drilling units, active or not & who is associated with them.

Why so many different maps as to the boundaries of this new CGG 3D shoot.   Amelia Resources has one, LA Wild Life & Fisheries & Sonris GIS all have different ones.   Also companies associated with it is CGG, Geotechnologies & then SAExploration.   Amelia has first 2 companies tied to it & SONRIS has 3 company tied to permit which was issued/applied for back in 2/2019.   Not sure if this is all to put miss information out there on purpose or not.   Also some maps shows the west boundary line as at Allen-Evangeline Parish Line & some shows in more westward over into Allen Parish.   Any ideas Guys & Gals?

Would be a lot of money spent to de-risk this area that is for sure.   Also the timelines of the 3D completion is up in the air too.   some saying 10/18 to 10/19, then others say will not be complete until 3/20.   Some say Evangeline Parish was done last year, but he permit that Exploration got has not issued until 2/19.   After all this is complete will tell the tell. 

I am just outside to the NW of 3D map on some, some in & in on the Amelia Resources Marathon Area, but private land around me is not leased only BLM.   Just wondering if these BLM Lessees are actually Marathon.  I do believe that one of the contacts on the Louisiana WLF 2D press release from 2018 has interest in the 251222 Gordon well that was drilled as a prescribe well.   Possible CGG employee.

Does anyone have an opinion on which if any of these maps might be close to accurate?

I will post that the final 3D outline will be different from all of these outlines we have seen so far  

spoke to contracting group in Texas today and asked about discrepancy in acreage as posted in maps.   Reply was absolute that area and acreage was decreased from 1766 to 578 sq, miles.  CGG and Fairfield Geotechnologies are the 2 players involved and no confirmation on the major players or operators involved on financing the 3D shoot.  

$35 MM is a lot of money to de risk and optimize lateral locations.

Basically the cost of 3-4 wells.

A good use of capital if it leads to drilling less risky wells that avoid faults and can stay in the best target zones.

A good example of this is in the Eagle Ford trend - very expensive 3D seismic but when you are looking at 5 to 10 laterals per section (or 2 sections), easy to justify the costs.

I highly doubt that this I an effort to miss inform on purpose.

"Outlines" can vary depending on the actual factor each outline is addressing.

Is the outline that of the full fold 3D seismic coverage? Or is it the outline of the actual footprint of all the 3D sensors? Or one of many other options?

Note that the actual outline (and gaps in the data coverage) will change over time as surface permitting efforts are completed (or not completed).

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out over time.   Looks like at least Spring 2020 before all almost complete.

Permitting process is the big unknown now - how long will it take to get permits from all the surface owners - many of whom will have "restrictions" tied to water wells, buildings, trees, etc.

And how many will just not sign a permit???

FYI - permitting has been underway for about a year now.  I signed last August. 1 of the 2 parcels I’m associated with; had a permit for 1 year expiring 8/21.  I recently received a request to extend that permit through 12/31/20.  The 2nd tract’s permit extends through early 2020 so no request to extend yet.  In their correspondence; they stated that their recording crews would be on site late October this year.

Thx CM,  always good to hear sound concrete facts on the here and now of the developing play!!


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