Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of 

the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk and Tokio and Eutaw 

Formations, Gulf Coast, 2010


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Randy, that is all warm fuzzy feeling data.  Nice to know and read but does not produce anything.  Sorry to be a pessimist but Endenburg and LaCour all seem to say,"You gotta know how to get the oil and gas out of the Austin Chalk.  And we do not know how to do that yet."  That the minerals are there is a fact, producing them is yet another conundrum to be solved.



I had missed this post. Good info. Thanks for making the thread active.

Joe, I read the articles at the top of the topic.  They extol how much oil and gas is in the Austin Chalk.  That is the warm and fuzzy part.  Getting the oil out is the reality of it.  Since Abbott (who is known to me as Randy) posted the articles (linked so you just have to click on them and they will come up to be read).  Good stuff but nobody seems to be able to get the Austin Chalk to produce!

Not "Abott" but Abington, sorry about that.



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