Is CGG Veritas doing seismic work in Natchitoches Parish?  Can anyone tell me the going rate?

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why do you think they are doing seismic in Natchitoches and do you know the locations
I don't know of any specific work. I know that Veritas is conducting a huge seismic program, all over the southeastern part of Haynesville Shale. Maybe they aren't going into Natchitoches Parish.
Veritas has done some work in northern Natchitches Parish and sothern Bienville Parish about a
year and a half ago, but we will never see the results... With at least 4 rigs drilling around Hall Summit and even more toward martin and one over toward Ashland about to be drilled, It shouldn't take a year and a half to two years to make it to Goldonna and Saline areas. Most of the land is still
unleased in those areas so that will have need to be done first.
i just signed with veritas in sabine parish and they said the next project would be in natch parish all of ajax, allen area and most of northern natch. the one in sabine is 400sq miles paid $25.00 per acre.
Can you please tell me -- did you get the full $25/acre or did you get $15/acre plus $10/acre for damages? I am trying to find someone who got the full $25, because I signed a year ago for $15, but had a favorite nation clause. Thanks in advance.
Are you all saying they are only paying $25 dollars per acre or 25 thousand per acre. We got more than that for the seismic testing in Goldonna a couple of years ago.


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