RAPIDES 01 245249 BROADWAY H 001 03-AUG-12 H215 028-02N-02E 9709 WILDCAT-NO LA MONROE DIST 19500

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Good video, blackjack.  Many members don't understand that there are two distinct and separate operations to drilling and completing a horizontal well with hydraulic fracture stimulation.  The rig drills the well and then is disassembled and moved off site.  Those who work on the rig have no way of knowing if it's a good well or not as there is no flow. The completion crew fracs the well and then they leave the site.  They generally don't know any more about the potential production of the well than the drilling crew. The final step, be it a fairly simple and less noticeable process, is to drill out the plugs in the horizontal well bore and tie the well into the pipeline gathering system.  The crew that "flows" the well are the first to have any real idea of the production potential.

Thanks Ms Jean

Jean, you were right ! Good Job!

Broadway well taken from a distance 04/09/2013


That's a good sign. Right?


I "hear"....   Broadway well has a pump and is a producing well!!! Maybe something will appear on Sonris soon...

Concerning the Broadway well....I "heard" that it was getting oil before the pump was put on but it has got a problem now and they might need to drill another hole....so far Halcon has spent 18,000,000 on this well...so I "heard".....

Jean, you heard,
when this might happen?

Doug , I don't know...when I hear something I will post...

The anticipation is killing me. Is anything going on with this well?

According to Halcon a year ago, they should have 6-10 wells in the TMS by right now.

The results of this well I guess is what  they are waiting on.

George, I haven't "heard" anything lately about the well...but on other blogs, they are saying Halcon has got money problems. I do know they are not trying to sign leases right now. I have heard that there seems to be a problem with the relationship with Mr. Broadway and Halcon. EOG was planning on doing some drilling in the same area but told someone I am close to that Halcon is somehow making a problem for them. I don't know but could it be that Halcon won't sell the leases that they need for a drilling section? Just wondering......

Halcon just released an operational update and they talk about the Bakken/Three Forks, El Halcon, Utica/Point Pleasant, and Woodbine, but no mention of the TMS.


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