Has anyone heard about some landmen looking to start up new TMS leases in Rapides Parish?

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The latest entry on sonris for this well was posted today:  slide drilling at 14,482 feet. (Serial number 250723). The Blackbrush well

"Sliding"  or "sliding in the hole" indicates that the driller is in the lateral.  The vertical is drilled with a drill bit being turned by the drill string.  To build the curve and drill the lateral, the drill string is not turning and the bit is rotated by a "mud motor" powered by the drilling mud circulating through the wellbore.  When the drill string is not turning the driller is said to be sliding.

Thanks for the info Skip. 


Biding time your comment did not come up on the feed


I have heard that Torrant is offering $675 an acre bonus and 20% royalty. Has anybody heard anything different?   They seemed to work with people at the beginning of leasing but not now.   There is a lot in the lease not good for landowner....like paying "your share of cost production and transportation"...  That is scary at 20% royalty for landowner and they get 80%.  And then you hear about landowners getting a bill for expenses and no check....  Can that really happen?


Has Torrent offered to lease your land? I have looked at the Torrent lease form and it is virtually the same as the ones everyone else is using.

What area is Torrent leasing.

Ok Thanks. Thought maybe something was going on in Rapides that I wasent aware of. 

Torrent has been buying leases in Rapides for several months. They have been boring holes around Bayou Jack here lately.

hey guys is Torrent tied to a major player in the AC play?  What do you mean TD by "boring holes" around bayou jack.  seismic work?  


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