New well permitted today in rapides parish

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?? where??

 I noticed.  Is the permitted horizon TMS?

Hope you make a well.  Good Luck.

wow!  congrats!

Where in Rapides?

Section 11 - Township 4N - Range 3E.  That's a couple of miles due west of Pineville.

 18 miles due EAST  of Pineville,in the Big Island Field,@ the south end of Hwy 1206

Thanks for the correction, robert.  Meant east instead of west but didn't realize it was that far east.  Eleven miles from Pineville would be in 4N-2E, would it not?

Yes, 11miles East on Hwy 28,turn South on Hwy 1207 for 6 miles, turn right ontoHwy 1206 for 1 mile, site is visable from the road.(D&D) company

Good luck! I know a lot of people are rooting for you!

D&D Drilling Rig 11 spud the C S Hudson 7/23, reported 3 days Drlling Ahead @ 2028', 7/25.


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