Does anyone know what's going up on FM 1196 at the Banana Slug and Thundering Herd units?  It looks like everything just pulled out!!!  Any info is appreciated.

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It appears they are preparing to frac. They have water ran to the site & a lot of activity happening. It's being referred to as the "frac site" by the Performance Group" workers.


Can you tell me if XTO has fracked the Hilltoppers-Banana Slugs Alloc # H2 and the Hilltoppers-Banana Slugs

Alloc. #B2 ???  Drilling of these two wells reached total depth in July and September of 2018.

The crews have been gone for a month or longer. Two weeks ago they were spooling up the water supply hoses. My assumption is they are finished.

They have turned in the 'Well Record Only' reports so they are waiting for RRC to approve all the paperwork & assign Lease ID numbers. Then they will turn the well on and do an IP test. No production reported thru December.

Thanks farmbrad and jffree for all the information.



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