I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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Julie, regarding Mister Sunday's comment regarding laterals that only go a short distance into a unit,  what is the unit set back requirements for Texas?  Speaking strictly for Louisiana regs, there is a 330' set back from unit boundaries required for all horizontal wells with the one exception being cross unit laterals.  That 330' on either side of a boundary between units represents a lot of rock that would go un-fracked, and thus not produced, if the lateral did not cross through the boundary into the adjoining unit.  Who knows why companies may choose to have a short portion of a long lateral in a unit but the way I think of it is avoiding waste and producing the maximum amount of reserves.  Something that benefits the operator and the royalty interests.

Good Morning, All!  The BSI KEYDETS finally showed some production for April!  A Whopping 16 MCF!  I'm extremely dismayed at the poor amounts that have come out of this lease since October of last year... I tried Many times to get in contact with XTO, only to have them send me some kind of canned response that states that I am $7 and some change upside-down with them.  I told them that wouldn't even exist if they were letting the gas flow from H1 and B1.  They said they would refer my email to another department.  Typical...

Man!  I sure could use a little mailbox money to soothe the hurt I'm getting at the grocery store and gas station, and the restaurant, and the (insert place that takes more of your money now here)...

Mister Sunday... I hear you, some mailbox money would be nice... real nice!

My Grandson, Son and I took my boat out Saturday = Would you believe I paid $445.00 to put Gas in the Rig and Boat? Drove over the Coast Range and back, so two fill-ups plus the boat tanks. My Grandson and I are going back over to go Rock Hounding on Thursday... this is getting very expensive to do anything other than sit at home!  

I'm just sick to my stomach thinking about if they had H1 and B1 actually producing while they are drilling H4 how much I could've done so far this year with NG nigh on $9


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