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Value Creation When it Didn't Seem Possible

Chesapeake is often criticized for its financial decisions and aggressive techniques to develop natural gas and oil. In plain and direct terms, this article analyzes each decision and the result is surprising. What are your thoughts?


Seeking Alpha: CHK's $34B Value Creation with Zero Net Cost

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Haynesville celebrates 3rd anniversary amid heated discussion

Happy birthday to the Haynesville! As the play, now the largest natural gas-producing play in the country, celebrates its third anniversary, the debate on hydraulic fracturing continues. What are your thoughts on the argument?


Read this article and let us know!

Shreveport Times Article

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Social Media

As evident by this site, more and more people are turning to social media to find answers, connect with similar people and learn as much as they can. Chesapeake has embraced this, and we've started a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. Come visit us on our pages, post comments, ask questions or just tell us what's on your mind. I'll be there to answer!


Click here for our Facebook page…


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Chesapeake Royalty Owners in the Haynesville

Hi! My name is Katie and I work for Chesapeake Energy in the Haynesville. I would like to open this blog to answer any questions or help guide you through the royalty owner process with Chesapeake. We're happy to have you as a part of our family, and I want to help take care of our family members! This is a general blog to address a variety of concerns, but if specific inquiries begin to emerge on a regular basis, I will split the topics as to better manage timely…


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