Can someone interpret the well data - can 20913 mcfd be right?

I was just poking around on the DNR interactive map, trying to learn my way around. But I happened upon some well data that I think shows some even bigger results than have been released so far. The operator has been issued a fine 7/ is that for not releasing results? I found another one about this huge for HK and fines had also been issued on. I'm I reading the output correctly? Did this well produce 20,913Mcf/day in April 08?

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Per month.
Thanks. I thought of that after I made the post and wondered.
Although this one is not doing those kind of numbers, there has been a couple in our area that had IP numbers this big. The one that comes to mind is in Bossier Parish and was a horizontal Lower CV well.
What section, township and range?
013 16n 12w Killen 13-4 COMPLETED 4-12-08; GAS, LOWER CV, 23,252 MCFD, 1 BCD, 23252000/1 GOR, 28" CHOKE, 48 GVTY, 810 CP, 9872 - 13576 (MD) PERFS


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