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Not showing who is on the site. Thanks

That feature was removed due to too many bugs unfortunately ...

My Firefox still shows the site as "insecure" with a yellow triangle on the lock. I've noticed that the page doesn't load completely at times. Refreshing fixes it most of the time but sometimes not. The Edge browser says "not secure".


Reply buttons are "glitchy" again.

reply buttons not working this evening.....

Sometimes reply buttons stop working and sometime they simply reach their limit.  The button disappears.  When the last reply does not show a Reply button, go the dialogue box immediately under the discussion header and post there.  It should post your reply under that last reply with no Reply button.  That starts the reply counter a new.  When we get in long discussion threads, this will occur periodically.

McAfee is still listing GoHaynesvilleshale with 'invalid credentials as an unsafe site and asking if I am sure I want to go here. After which every link within the site is flagged as unsafe. That said, I am also having issues with the same thing when I open Firefox, only Internet Explorer opens without issue.

My situation is Microsoft Windows 10 Edge browser will not open "" but does open the browser window when "go Haynesville shale" is entered in the google toolbar or whatever it's called up there at the top. Then it is an extra step to click on a link to open it. Very aggravating.

Bob, do you still have the issue?

Cleared the cache and others, still having same problem.

So, there are images used in the site that aren't "https" but simply http. I've hunted down al the obvious ones and have changed them. Still trying to locate the source. 

Bill R, do you still have the issue?


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