Anyone know Aethon's lease terms for Ashland Field 13N 7W 18 and 19

Aethon has proposed three HA cross unit laterals for 13N 7W 18 and 19 in the Ashland Field in Natchitoches Parish.

The state hearing date is June 8th.

Does anyone know what lease terms Aethon has been offering to landowners or what the lease terms were which the earlier operators had offered and which Aethon bought out?

Anyone want to offer advice on a bonus amount per acre and the going royalty rate for un-leased land in sections 18 and 19.

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Good deal, Skip. That makes my day. Let's hope they can get a rig in there before the end of the year. My family greatly appreciates your help on this. They send their best wishes.

I think a spud before the end of the year is likely.  This is a six month permit.  You're welcome and good luck to you and the family, Jesse.


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