A couple of months ago, BP got permits to drill 3 wells around Stanley.  Anyone know if they have spudded any of the 3?  I have minerals in one of the sections (2-11-15), and all of these sections are HBP under old 1/8 leases. 


Also, are permits good for 60 or 90 days?



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Operators may take out a six month or a twelve month permit. Did you receive a letter announcing these wells or see the permits on SONRIS?
Got the DNR Unit Designation Hearing Notice via mail, saw the well permits posted in the Shreveport Times O&G news section. No "spud date" is shown for the permits on Sonris, but that site is so far behind, I don't make any conclusions from the lack of info there.

Hopefully, some of the GHS readers who live in the area will note if they have seen any rigs on site in the area just East of "downtown Stanley"
You can view the Permit To Drill on SONRIS Classic by inputting the well serial numbers to see if these are six or twelve month permits.. Les B.'s drilling rig location page will list the rig and drilling contractor when it is reported on site for those sections.
Yes, Anderson and Holloway
Steve, BP has four well permits in the Logansport Field. They currently have one drilling rig on a well in the Spider Field.

BP, McCoy Bros Lmbr 36 #H1 Well, Serial #242114, S36-T12N-R15W
BP, MCM Holloway 1 #H1 Well, Serial #242061, S1-T11N-R15W
BP, William J Todd 2 #H1 Well, Serial #242059, S2-T11N-R15W
BP, EC McCoy 34 #H1 Well, Serial #242049, S34-T12N-R15W
BP, Gerald Anderson 35 #H1 Well, Serial #242060, S35-T12N-R15W

Nabors #F12 Rig, BP, Jack R Gamble 31 #H1 Well, Serial #241297, S31-T12N-R14W
thanks, Les. Seems like BP is the slowest of all of the operators in the HS. Of course, they have had a few other issues to attend to this year.


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