Do any of you know if Chesapeake has drilled more than four wells in a section?

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I don't know.  they are just now completing 3 CULs in a section in which I have land. 10 years ago, they drilled a horizonal well in this same section, but that was before CULs, so that doesn't mean much.

Thanks for the reply back… 

§§ and Township & Range?

The basic answer is Yes.  The more important question for you is...where?  As per the usual, the ability to provide an answer or opinion requires some detail.  There are sections/units with eight wells as that was the original minimum lateral spacing authorized by the state.  In 2017, all the operators started to test higher intensity fracs using a large increase in sand, shorter frac stages and different perforation cluster designs.  This served to create a bigger frac cylinder and allow operators to drain a section with six wells instead of eight.  Of course the number of wells left to be drilled with the new completion designs depends on the number of existing horizontal wells and their location within the unit.  Furthermore there are other horizontal targets besides the Haynesville depending on location.  In the southern half of the fairway, there are economic Bossier reserves to be tapped...another six wells per section.  In the northern half of the play, some areas will have economic Lower Cotton Valley (LCV) wells to be drilled depending on the price of natural gas. So John, if you want a more detailed analysis, you have to provide the section-township-range location.

23 12n 13w

Your's or John's? :-) I show Section 23 to have one original unit well, three HC wells drilling or waiting on completion and four approved well slots, leaving one more that could be drilled with just a permit.  Note that not all HC wells are drilled all the way through a section.  Some only go a few hundred feet into one section or half way.  That is a general comment as one would have to look at he well plats to see how much of a lateral lies in a particular section.  12N-13W has economic Bossier reserves so maybe two more Haynesville wells after the three currently drilling  or waiting on completion for a total of six and six Bossier laterals.  Eight more well slots.

mine.  wasn’t sure which he was asking about.

best i can tell, one of the 3 recently drilled on our property was a Bossier

Compare the TVD.

Sorry, I was in meetings all day… Skip, always appreciate your comments and insights… what I was looking for was South Caddo Parish… and Red River Bull… Exco was drilling 8 wells per section on highway 84 and Highway 1…. 

I was just trying to figure out if Chesapeake will drill 8 Haynesville wells…. I appreciate the Bossier aspect, but I have not seen enough activity for that play in the area… please educate me if I am wrong… thanks

section 13




section 19




section 30




Section 36



15N will have only Haynesville reserves, no Bossier.  No Haynesville operator is currently drilling 8 wells per section.  Six total is the norm.  Subtract the number of existing wells drilled in each section from six and you will know many you have yet to be drilled.


Hey Skip   Does Chesapeake have anything planned for sec 21  14n 15w


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