"Chesapeake Energy Seeks to Void Order to Buy Energy Rights" Bloomberg Businessweek 7/10/2012

written by Margaret Cronin Fisk and Allen Johnson, Jr.


Peak Energy Corp. based in Plano, TX won in lower Court ruling.

CHK seeking reversal from New Orleans Appeals Court judges...


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And this appears on the Houston Chronicle's "Fuel Fix" web site.  It's a good idea and PR move... but why Chesapeake?  Why isn't the US Nat Gas Association the leader in this?




Why isn't the "Industry" demanding that O&G Producers stop cheating the public, per mineral/royalty/landowners cost-free royalties, unleased mineral owners' 50% deductions in their revenues in pooled units, $/mcf pricing "shenanigans," and land-lease price fixing (both private, federal and sate land leasing), double dipping of revenues, transparency issues per mineral owners' revenue check cost deductions,  the "wholesaling" of mineral owners' nat gas to their OWN SOLELY-OWNED Marketing companies before mineral owners' nat gas gets out to the "free marketplace,:" and not honoring contracts and letters of intent... 

And...Why is CHK the only Nat Gas Producer in every Shale in U.S. the only Producer being sued over and over again????

One guess. 


DrWAVeSport Cd1 7/11/2012



Why hasn't CHK released to LA UMOs their 1st Quarter 2012 Financial Reports for their wells???

The 2nd Quarter 2012 has already closed...



Will CHK and all the companies have to pay for lease offers they left on the table in 2008?  Wow. That would be a tidy sum!

Now, suppose you tore up your papers from CHK and need their records to verify they actually made you an offer?  Lots of people probably ripped theirs up (but I know one fellow who framed his $20K an acre offer)

and, is there a standard form for an "offer"??

I have a suggestion.  A court has now ruled that CHK's so-called "Letter of Intent" was, indeed, a valid contract (at least in this one case).  I know that there are many people on this site who signed one, and were subsequently left high and dry.  Those people also feel they had a legal contract.  At some point, when this scheme is used to harm enough people, it can move out of the realm of a civil dispute and into the realm of criminal activity.  I have no idea when the line is crossed.  So, rather than rolling over, and assuming there is no way to get one's money, why not let the Louisiana Attorney General's Office decide if they can help you?  I suggest everyone who believes they were cheated by CHK in this scheme should contact the AG office and file a complaint.  Reference this case, and let them know that you think you were treated similarly.  If enough people file complaints, maybe the AG  will do something. 

I did some digging on this case.  The plaintiffs have run up over $400k in legal fees to get to this point.  No small landower can bear such a burden.  But the state can, and should, if they find a pattern of activity that they believe to be illegal.


You are 100 percent "right on the money."



Yes, Henry, I agree.

The Great State of Louisiana (being as that's what our state agencies have a constitutional obligation to do, i.e., our state agencies have been specifically empowered into law so as to serve La.'s citizens) . . . should step up and get to the bottom of this.

And harmed landowners should contact the Louisiana Attorney General's office and explain their concerns to Ryan Seidemann @ 225-326-6085.

Folks can also e-mail Ryan via:  SeidemannR@ag.state.la.us



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