This well is located in the Stonewall area:

In July 2016, Chesapeake placed the CA 12&13-15-15 1H horizontal well on production, targeting the Haynesville Shale in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. This well's results provide further confirmation that the company's current completion optimization techniques, along with extended laterals, are having a significant impact on higher sustained flow rates and the increased potential for higher rates of return in all areas of the Haynesville. With reducing cluster spacing and increased proppant loading, this 10,000-foot lateral well reached a maximum production rate of approximately 38.0 million cubic feet of gas (mmcf) per day with a flowing tubing pressure of 7,400 psi. The company's current estimate of the ultimate recovery from this well is approximately 22 to 24 bcf with an estimated completed well cost of approximately $9.8 million.


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That is impressive, Jay.  We are finally beginning to see the level of improvement in performance by the newer 3.0 Haynesville well designs.  I would like to know the cost/mcf from these wells.

Frac data shows 639,929 bbls of fluid used to frac the well. That is the most I've seen for a Louisiana well.

XTO used 877,391 bbls on 2015 Texas well. No where near the Chesapeake well production rate though.

The 3000#/ft. proppant load was a significant increase and from what I hear the perf cluster spacing has also been reduced.

Here are maps showing the location and the production rates.



That sand rate sounds more like a sand pack than a frac,  Seriously, think 1 cubic yard per linear foot, or one truck load for every 15' of well.  

I think that is why there has been an associated increase in the volume of water pumped.

CHK has now said they are looking to unload some Haynesville property, any idea where this would be?

I haven't read anything specific about the acreage CHK looks to sell.  We probably won't know for sure until it sells.  If I had to guess I'd say Sabine and SW DeSoto.  I think they will hold on to their S Caddo, N DeSoto, S Bossier and N Red River acreage.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were multiple buyers for specific areas.

Pretty easy to guess. Take their determined core acreage and overly it to their yellow leasehold. Outside of the core will be sold to the highest bidder. I posted maps earlier that show this acreage.

All acreage outside the heavy black line in the second map, "Full Field Transformation"?

Looks like I maybe in the core then...while CHK has it's problems you won't hear me bad mouthing them, seems to be one of the few companies willing to make HS work.  For that I'm glad, because Lord knows I can't drill a 9.8 MM $ well.

Most of the operator haters on this site don't get that fact.


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